Create Your Own Legitimate Work from Home Job with No Experience

It is insane just how many people are able to work from home these days. In a recent survey, it was said that around 43% of people have been able to at least do some of their work from home! This is huge! Obviously technology has played a huge role in making the work from home job more and more of a reality for people. Working a corporate job that allows you to occasionally work from home is a huge perk, but what if you don’t feel like you fit into the corporate world? There are so many things that stand in the way of people finding a work from home job that they qualify for. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are many work from home jobs available with little to no experience and you’re probably not going to see them advertised online! So let’s talk about how you can create your own legitimate work from home job with little to no experience.

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The benefits of working from homeWork from home jobs are super popular. Why not create your own? Check out these 24 legitimate work from home jobs you can do with little to no experience.

Naturally, there are many benefits to working from home, especially if you are a parent.

  • Avoid the commute
  • Save on gas
  • Less car damage and repairs
  • Ability to sleep in
  • Lessens the need for daycare
  • You can stay in your pajamas
  • Less need to buy lunch every day

These are just a few of the perks of working from home but there are many more. First of all, let’s talk about some of the potential work from home jobs that you might want to consider.

The long list of legitimate work from home jobs

Here is a long list of legitimate work from home jobs that you might not be seeing advertised on your local job hunting site. The best part is that many of these require little to no experience and you can get them started almost completely on your own.


If blogging has ever sounded appealing to you, don’t think for a single second that it is not totally within your reach. I have been able to create consistent money making a blog from the ground up and I even created a course to teach you how you can do it too. Get the first 5 lessons free.

Blogging is great if you want to set your own hours, use your creativity and make some money from it. (Although it takes a while). 

It can also be a great tool to use if you already have a small business whether that be an Etsy store, MLM product or something else!

Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Starting a job in this field of literature can be a bit nerve-wracking, that’s why Writers Work LLC has an all in one platform to help you find writing jobs, get published, find clients and even teach you how much to charge.

Many people are able to completely make a living off of freelance writing or editing work.


Depending on your different state laws, opening your own daycare will look different for everyone. Watching kids all day is no easy task, but you stand to make some serious money in the process.

Another option is to use nannying as an excuse to travel the world. Learn how to travel the world as an au pair.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are wildly popular these days and you could get in on the action!

Cratejoy is an amazing company that helps you launch your site, find your clients and supports you in the building of your own subscription box company!

Types of subscription box companies with CrateJoy:

  • Physical therapy for kids
  • Pregnancy and post-partum
  • Mysteries
  • Recycled books
  • Boxes for introverts
  • Coloring book boxes
  • Coffee

There is literally no limit to your imagination when it comes to creating your own subscription box company.  Try a 2-week free trial with CrateJoy –no credit car necessary!

Teach English Online

If you have experience with kids, there are several highly rewarding companies that are willing to pay you to teach English to children in other countries and set your own hours! Here is a list of some of the best companies out there.

Teaching English as a Second Language:


These companies often take care of the curriculum and everything. So all you need is to show up with your laptop and teach! 

Virtual Assistant

Because so much business is done online these days, there is a high demand for virtual assistants. This could mean checking e-mails, managing social media accounts or a wide variety of things. If you have any beneficial skills like these, it’s time to start marketing yourself as a VA. Read How to Get Paid to Be a Virtual Assistant.

Social Media Specialist

Similar to a virtual assistant, if you are something of a guru on social media you could be working for companies or influencers to help them build their social media following. Having your own thriving accounts or proof of other accounts that you’ve helped build in the past will be highly beneficial.

If you think this is an area you might do well in, there is an awesome social media guru who started a multi-million dollar company through running social media. Check out her course.


Transcriptionists type up different documents and reports for different companies or individuals. If you are proficient in typing and have access to a computer, you have everything you need to start finding transcription jobs. Check out Transcribe Anywhere to get all the training you need to be successful as a transcriptionist.


If you have a knack for numbers, getting a job as a bookkeeper would be a great work from home job idea. Read this interview from Ben, the founder of Bookkeeper Business Academy to learn exactly what it takes.

Doggy Daycare

I know, I know, we’re talking legitimate work from home jobs. The thing is, the idea of doggy daycare is becoming a more and more popular thing!

I started working with Rover this year and still can’t believe I get paid to spend time with pups all day! Where your biggest earning potential comes in is if you are willing to watch more than one dog throughout the day. For example, if you watched 5 dogs per weekday at $30 a dog, you stand to bring in $3,000 per month! That’s a pretty significant income if you ask me.

Full-Time Amazon FBA 

Did you know there are people who buy items on sale and re-sell them on Amazon at a profit? It’s true, and they’re earning over $100K per year. Get their free ebook to see how to start.


Not only can you make money from Airbnb by renting out a room, but many people are able to turn this into a full-time business!

If you have a home, cabin or a rental house, you could be making a major profit off of it by listing on Airbnb. Check out the Airbnb calculator to see how much you could be earning.

Health Coach

If you have a passion for clean eating and helping people, then you could easily begin a career as an established health coach. It’s quick and easy to get certified online to gain all the tools you need.

Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent is often something that does not require you to work out of an office. You can work for yourself or for a company to help compile people’s travel plans for them and get some serious travel benefits yourself!


When my children were little I started an in-home photography studio in our basement (it sounds creepy I know.) All it takes is some good lighting equipment, a high-quality digital SLR camera and a lot of self-promotion. Smug Mug is also a great resource to help you set up an online portfolio for people to view your photos.

Web Design

If you have a talent for web design and all the behind-the-scenes technical talent, why not help others build their websites and make a handsome living for yourself?


There is a high demand all year round for alterations and if you know your way around a needle and thread, you just might have yourself a work from home job!

Makeup Artist

Prom and wedding season alone can be enough to keep a makeup artist busy all year long. If you have a knack for makeup, start reaching out and sharing this talent with everyone you know. Whether you create a space in your own home or meet people at their location, being a makeup artist can quickly turn into a full-time income. 


The great part about this one is that it is becoming easier and easier to do without any professional training or experience. While there are many different guidelines to follow for each state, there are a huge variety of ways to create a catering or baking business from the ground up!

Direct Sales

Chances are you know people who are killing it in the direct sales industry. That does mean there is most likely going to be a lot of competition out there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a great work from home job doing it. Just make sure whatever product or service you are selling is something you support 100%.


While Uber isn’t necessarily a work from HOME job, you do get to set your own hours, get paid up to 3 times per day and you can potentially take advantage of discounts on insurance and your phone bill. Get signed up today, or if you prefer, you can deliver food instead of people with UberEATS. Plus, with UberEATS, there is an 18 year age limit instead of 21 and you just might be able to skip wasting your gas and deliver with a bike or a scooter instead! 

Music Lessons

Do you have some serious music abilities? Why not share them with the world? Teaching music lessons can allow not only major flexibility but a really good income as well!

Event Planner

If you are a natural planner who lives for organization, thinking about planning big events like birthday parties or weddings might be a perfect job and you can do most of the organizing from home. The best way to get started is to throw free parties for friends, take fabulous photos and start sharing on Pinterest (with a blog).

Fitness Instructor

Are you a certified fitness instructor, or have you always wanted to be? Why not set up a gym or training studio in your own home? Stop paying the gym part of your commission and start bringing in money for yourself.

Teach your own course

No matter what your talent or area of expertise, you could be making money by teaching your own courses on Teachable.

Teachable is totally free to start tool that allows you to start making money from home teaching anything you want. They also have a ton of free trainings throughout the year to make sure you are always on the top of your game.


You can easily set up your own photography studio in your house. Kits to start are relatively inexpensive, you set your own hours and your own pay! 

Browse photography kits.

Other corporate work from home jobs

There are literally hundreds more work from home jobs like:

  • Customer service
  • Appointment booking
  • Ghostwriting
  • Real estate photographer

Just browse Indeed for “remote from home” to come up with other ideas.

More work from home suggestions:

Work from home jobs are super popular. Why not create your own? Check out these 24 legitimate work from home jobs you can do with little to no experience.

Turning it into an actual job

If any of these legitimate work from home jobs sound right up your alley, that’s great. Remember, a lot of them still require a little hustle on your part. When you plan on building a business from the ground up, there are a few tips I have to ensure that you find success and start making a steady income.

Investing in training

If I was going to be successful at blogging, then I had better learn from other bloggers who found success with their blogs.

Take a moment to sit down and write down what kind of training you are going to need to be successful with your work from home job.

If you want to be a photographer, maybe intern with a current photographer. Look for local camera classes or take in all the YouTube tutorials that you can!

Training a great way to show the world that you are taking yourself and your business seriously.

Make a schedule

Just like at any other job, things need to run on a scheduled basis. Make sure you play around until you find one that works for you.

Plan out your day step by step and do your best to follow a schedule. Keeping a schedule will help keep productivity up and encourage you to keep going.

Call it a job

When people would ask what I was doing when I first started blogging, I would tell them. If I wanted a few minutes to check e-mail or finish up a blog post, I would tell my kids, “I’m working right now.”

Back when I was doing photography it took months for me to call myself a photographer. I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously. The thing is, no one will take you seriously until you are taking yourself seriously.

Celebrate every victory

When you are first starting out, I think it’s huge to celebrate the small stuff. If you book one client or you make your first $10, then you’d better celebrate! Celebrate like you just won the lottery, because you kind of did.

This will help keep your momentum going and keep your spirits up.


No matter what you want in life, it’s going to require a little hustle. I worked (and still do) at it every chance I got. I took the time to examine other successful bloggers and learn from their strategies. Every chance I had to learn more or do better, I did it.

Set goals

Get a great strategy down and don’t be afraid to put numbers on paper. How many clients do you want to get this year? What date do you want to aim for to get your first paycheck?

Layout these goals and then do your best to see them through!

What do you think? Did I miss something? Do you have another super awesome work from home job that wasn’t discussed? Please share in the comments below!

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