Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands

Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Who Retired Their Husbands

I am a sucker for a good, not Cinderella story. A story where a woman rises up, kicks some booty, and doesn’t wait for Prince Charming to save her. Women who are intelligent, strong, and unwilling to settle. Thankfully, we have a world filled with women like this. As a stay at home mom of (oh my gosh) almost a decade, I have a strong desire to use my passions and talents to help my family have the best life possible. No, I don’t mean buying my kids all the coolest clothes. The kind of life I’m talking about is one of purpose, without financial stress. That’s why I’m talking today about 5 women entrepreneurs who helped retire their husbands.  Not only that, but they also provided financial freedom for their families!

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Jessica Larrew

Did you know you can sell store-bought items on Amazon? This huge online retailer is not only popular when it comes to people shopping for quick purchases, but can also make you huge amounts of money!

Jessica Larrew started selling with AmazonFBA from home after losing her job back in 2008.

From there Jessica and her husband faced a lot of hardships and even lost their house. They used this seemingly negative time to re-group and get their financial situation in order.

Then, about a year after starting AmazonFBA, Jessica was making $100,000 and it wasn’t long before her husband Cliff was working right alongside her!

The best part is, they have been so thrilled with their success, that they want to help as many people as they can! They have created many courses and ebooks to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn the ropes of AmazonFBA:

Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands
Visit The Selling Family

Ruth Soukop

I just learned about Ruth not too long ago when I saw her book at Target. Right there in the store, I looked her up and was shocked to find that she started out as a blogger just like me!

Ruth started her blog, Living Well, Spending Less with an intention very similar to my own. To get right with your finances and create a simpler life. She started her blog because she herself was terrible at managing money and her marriage was suffering because of it.

The goal of her blog is to reach women in a similar position and help them to remove stress from their lives and find ways to save more while getting more time back in their lives.

Her blog became such a success that she was able to pay off their house early and retire her husband! They now work together with a power-house team of people to manage her blog, business, books, and products! How to make your first $1,000 blogging.

Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands
Visit her site

Rosemarie Groner

Rosemarie is a former state trooper who knew she had to find a way to become a stay at home mom. Not only did she look for ways to cut back in order to survive financially, but she also started a side hustle blogging to document her families budget changes.

Finding ways to cut back and reduce their budget played a huge roll in her starting her blog, Busy Budgeter. Through sharing her own money and budgeting strategies on the blog, she is now making over $100,000 per month!

Because of the blog’s wild success, she was able to retire her husband and help him start his dream job (running a brewery!) Talk about the wife of the year.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle has been a personal blog motivator of mine as her blog, Making Sense of Cents is now pulling in over $100,000 per month!

Not only were she and her husband able to travel via RV around the country, but they have recently purchased a sailboat so they can take to the seas! As a minimalist myself, this sounds like a dream come true!

Michelle worked on her blog for years, sharing with her readers her own personal debt payoff of her $40,000 in student loans. Although her blog started as a side hustle to help with student loan debt, she quickly realized she could easily turn blogging into a serious income stream.

Over $50,000 of her monthly earnings come from affiliate links, which is why she created her course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing to teach other bloggers how to have similar success!

Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands
Visit Making sense of Cents

Janine Dutton

Who would have ever thought underwear could make a person a millionaire?

Janine started like most, by buying products for cheap at outlets and discount stores and then selling for a profit on eBay. It wasn’t long before she realized she could turn this into a career.

What started as a side hustle quickly had her quitting her full-time job.

To get started, Janine decided to take out a small loan and was able to pay it off before the bill was due! She quickly grew out of working from home and now operates out of 2 large warehouse-type rooms.

With all of her success, she was able to hire her dad, mom, and husband to help her run this side hustle turned booming business. You can read her full story here.

Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands
Read her story

Allie Casazza

Allie Casazza not only helped retire her husband, but she almost single-handedly took her family from broke to millionaire status in 18 months!

She was able to grow her self-named business into a 7 figure company insanely quickly and moved her family from an old RV to their dream home in California!

By writing on her blog, speaking, and teaching in her podcast and courses about how clutter and chaos build stress levels in women, Allie has not only been able to change her family’s life, but also the lives of countless numbers of moms who rely on her courses to help them simplify their lives! (Definitely a woman by my own heart!)

Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands
Listen to the podcast

Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is a fellow Minnesota girl like myself who started a photography business (like myself)!

She was quickly able to replace her full time job income, start winning a ton of awards for her wedding photography and live life on her terms. This included purchasing property on Maui that she, her husband and daughter vacation in for months at a time!

As she wound down her photography career, Jenna started a whole new biz helping other entrepreneurs learn how to build their empires! Her husband, Drew, is now a stay-at-home-dad because in 2019, Jenna’s self-named completely online company pulled in a cool $7,000,000!

Start making your first $1,000 online!

Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands
Read about Jenna’s body positivity.

Rachel Hollis

Unfortunately, in 2020, Rachel Hollis announced her divorce from husband and business partner, David Hollis. Their entire online community was grief stricken, but the fact still remains that Rachel is an incredibly impressive human being.

Not only did she build her own million dollar wedding planning business, she also started a blog, built an online following and now runs self-development and business development conferences all over America with her (soon to be ex) husband, Dave.

After retiring from Disney! (Yeah, Disney.) Dave joined Rachel at The Hollis Company that they plan to continue running together.

Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands
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How to get started

If you have ever dreamed of using a side hustle to help your family financially, the best advice I could give you is to just get started, and keep on going!

None of these women saw success overnight. They worked hard and they kept at it.

There is no reason that you can’t find financial success while doing something that you love!

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Women Entrepreneurs who Were Able to Retire Their Husbands

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