Need outfit ideas for your white wide leg trousers? Here are the top styling ideas from Pinterest for your minimalist wardrobe.

7 White Wide Leg Trouser Outfit Ideas For Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Something I have been hiding from the world for quite some time is the fact that even though I applied minimalism to my life, I still like wearing cute clothing. There is rarely a day that passes by where I don’t head to Pinterest to get outfit ideas so I can get inspiration from people who are way better at style than I am. Yes, I like looking and feeling cute in my clothes, but I’m not sure my brain has the mental capacity to put an outfit together by myself. Scratch that, I can put outfits together, but it requires trying on 18 different things, throwing half of them on the floor, and then stomping off to start my day in a rage. Let’s face it, that’s never a cute look. One of the outfit stylings I have been specifically focused on are white wide leg trousers. Wide legged pants have been a favorite of mine for the last few years (they’re basically dressed-up sweat pants), and I recently transitioned them from linen pants to trousers. Anyway, hear some of my favorite white wide leg trouser outfit ideas.

Building your minimalist closet

First of all, I feel the need to clarify that I still aim to keep a low-clutter wardrobe. Finding new ways to style my favorite clothing pieces is just one way that I am able to do this. When I can gather ideas on how to put new outfit ideas together with my favorite white wide leg trousers, I am less likely to get bored and go shopping.

If you struggle with maintaining a low clutter home and/or closet, grab my ebook, The Gentle Art of Letting Sh*t Go. I have a guide in there that will walk you through how to declutter your closet and find your unique style so that you’re buying less and actually wearing what you own. Okay, onto the outfit ideas.

White body suit + white wide leg trousers

I am a bodysuit obsessed woman. Basically, everything I wear is usually paired with a bodysuit. Sure, sometimes they ride up the bum a bit, but I can usually counter this by wearing full-booty undies underneath. Was that TMI?

Anyway, I absolutely love this super summer, light look for these wide legged trousers from Cella Jane. In her post she shares a few outfit ideas, but personally this one is the closest to my personal style. It’s simple, comfortable, yet elegant.

Cropped tee + white wide leg trousers

Now this is my style. I love a casual look that still looks cute on a warm summer day. This cropped tee and white wide leg trouser outfit from Katee Hutchins’s LTK is absolutely perfect. The best part is, most of us already have a t-shirt on hand and can easily put this outfit together with zero issues. Like my mom always said, white goes with anything, so there are never any matching issues that arise. Which is probably why 90% of my wardrobe is neutral tones.

Black high neck tank + White wide leg trousers

The simplicity of black and white is just *chef’s kiss.* This outfit from Sincerely Jewels is one of my easy go-to’s, although my top is slightly different (and yes, a bodysuit). Even though reviewing all of her poses for this outfit might be slightly painful (she’s actually sitting on the ground in these pants), there is no denying the chic minimalist perfect that is her style.

Blue or denim button down + White wide leg trousers

Yes, I just re-bought a blue button down specifically so I could recreate this outfit from Audrey Cerise. One of my old favorite go-to shirts was a denim button down, but sadly squeezing into an XS size was no longer in the cards for me. As of last night I am the proud owner of a cropped blue button down linen shirt that I’m praying will look good with all of my high rise pants, including my white wide legged trousers.

I opted for a cropped version because I figured that would be less material I would have to tuck in, therefore would be less likely to bunch up underneath my pants, therefore adding to my mom belly. What do you think? Was that a smart idea? Time will tell.

Tucked t-shirt + White wide leg trousers

If you’re not a fan of the cropped t-shirt look, I totally get it, which is why I had to include this casual/classy look from Fashion Jackson. I like that her t-shirt is plain black, but I also think I could pull this off with my graphic t-shirts for a dressed up casual look.

Jean jacked + White wide leg trousers

It has been almost a decade since I purchased a distressed, cropped denim jacket and not a day has gone by when I wouldn’t have happily worn it! One of the best purchases I have ever made. That’s why this super cute white wide leg trouser plus denim jacket outfit from Boston Proper stood out to me so much. This is 100% something I know I will wear.

Dressy button down + White wide leg trouser

A few other things I have recently added to my collection are sheer button downs in white and black. I feel like owning this keeps things simple and allows me to dress up just about any outfit, but I particularly like this look with a pair of wide leg trousers. StyleCaster has put together a few outfit ideas for wide leg trousers, but this one is by far my favorite. The best part is, depending on your style of button down, you could easily make this look work in winter, summer, spring or fall!

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Need outfit ideas for your white wide leg trousers? Here are the top styling ideas from Pinterest for your minimalist wardrobe.

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