5 Ways to Get Paid on TikTok for Extra Cash

5 Ways People are Getting Paid on TikTok and How to Get Started

During quarantine, like a good chunk of 30-something moms, I casually hopped on the TikTok bandwagon. I started the usual way, trying to copy dance moves and memorize voice-overs that I had seen. As much as I liked viewing content, I did not like spending such a huge portion of my day dedicating time to memorization. It seemed like TikTok wasn’t for me, but then, one day on a whim I shared a new kind of video and since then my TikTok has taken off. Now I’m fully understanding how people are making a killing with TikTok and are getting paid to create fun videos. If you’re already a secret TikTok junkie, here’s how you can turn it into a mini side hustle.

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What is TikTok?

Okay, so maybe you’re not entirely sure what TikTok even is. It’s all good, I’m not here to judge. I barely knew what it was when I started.

TikTok is really just a simple place to create videos that are 60 seconds or less. I have found it to be a great place that encourages creativity, authenticity and way more kindness than most social media platforms (although there are still a few bad eggs).

Let me dive into the money-making benefits of TikTok and then you can keep reading to see if it’s something you’re ready to jump into.

1. Venmo

One of the first ways people started making money with TikTok (at least I’m assuming so) is through Venmo. Newer TikTokers can add their Venmo account to their bio link and get paid from other users.

This is what I mean about TikTok being better than other social media platforms.

If people like your content, they will just Venmo you money as a way of supporting your talent or opinion.

This can be a great option if you are an aspiring singer, artist, song writer, comedian etc. There are so many people like this on TikTok that are being supported by fans just for doing what they love.

2. Coins

I would be lying if I said I fully understand the TikTok coin system. I don’t. What I have learned is that people can purchase coins on TikTok and then give them away to their favorite creators.

In other words, people can pay you if they like what you’re saying or sharing.

Coins can be given out whenever a TikTok creator goes live.

I have personally received quite a few coins that have totaled up to a whopping $1.67 or something like that. All in a all, not great, but it’s still worth mentioning because I’m sure other video creators make out much better than I do.

3. Selling your own products

If you already have a small business started, like an Etsy shop, boutique or even online trainings (like I have), you can promote and sell these products rather easily on TikTok.

The best ways to promote your products are:

  • Talking about them openly in videos
  • Sharing video with content relevant to your product and dropping a link or more information in the comments
  • Posting a sale in your bio
  • Sharing about your product directly in a TikTok live

Through TikTok, I have sold thousands of dollars in coaching packages and online trainings in only 3 short months of actually being on TikTok!

There are currently authors, painters, singers, coaches and product-based business making bank on TikTok and you could be too!

4. TikTok Creator Fund

Once you have reached 10K followers on TikTok, you become eligible for the TikTok Creator Fund. This means TikTok pays you for your engagement.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this option until I was around 70K followers, so I can’t give a fair estimate as to how much you can expect to make if you get started with fewer followers.

However, I will say, I happened to have a viral video getting over 1 million views. I started the Creator Fund just at the end of this video’s viral run and that day I made $76. Just for creating a video that felt important to me.

Since starting the Creator Fund in August, I have made over $600 by just creating videos that I feel are fun and beneficial to others.

5. TikTok Creator Marketplace

I literally just learned that this was an option for me. Seriously guys, you don’t need to spend hours understanding TikTok to reap the benefits. I’m living proof.

Casually, I will see a video that tells me I should be doing more with my TikTok account and then I do it and it’s amazing.

The Creator Marketplace is for people with over 100K followers and connects content creators with brands who want to pay them to create TikTok videos.

To be honest, I have been someone who shys away from working with brands because I don’t want to be someone spitting out content that feels more like a commercial or advertisement. We get enough of that.

However, this is another good outlet to remember when you reach the point of over 100K followers.

How do I get started with TikTok?

Once you have signed up and created a TikTok account, my biggest recommendation is to spend a few days just watching videos. Interact with ones that really speak to you and TikTok’s algorithm will go to work to set up a great FYP for you. (FYP stands for For Your Page.)

What an FYP page is is content that TikTok has hand-selected just for you. It’s what they think you’ll probably be into based on videos you have reacted with in the past.

TikTok is more than butts and dancing. Promise.

After you’ve spent some time on TikTok, you’ll begin to notice trends like dances, outfit changes or little voice overs.

To be honest, I tried to look up some YouTube compilations but there was a lot of butts and swear words. Haha. Ummm….that’s not what I’m going for.

Even though these are the types of videos TikTok became stereotyped for, there are whole other sides to it that so many people don’t know about. If you’re a 30-something like me, check out hashtags like #momsoftiktokover30 #mentalhealthtiktok #smallbusinesscheck

Creating your own content

Ok, so amidst all of this viral content and booty shaking, how do you even begin to create genuine content for yourself? My biggest recommendation is to allow yourself to get inspired.

My first viral video was me sharing a story about my son seeing something running through our corn field. It was a quick funny video where I kind of implied that we had the corn field from Signs.

It blew up and I was shocked because up until that point I thought I had to be dancing to lip syncing to be cool on TikTok. Not. the. case.

More and more TikTok is growing and appreciating people who are just showing up being their authentic selves.

I grew my account to over 100K followers (getting close to 200K these days) just by telling stories about my life. People like my life. It’s weird.

At the end of the day, let creativity inspire you, show up as you. Speak up for a cause you believe in. If you have products, display them in a clear, clean, way that makes people want to buy.

Find your people

Most importantly, find your unique corner of TikTok. If you are an author, get in with all the authors, see how they are sharing content. Do not try to copy them — just allow yourself to be inspired.

Want to share how you have improved your physical or mental health? Find the therapists, coaches, and trainers on TikTok. See what videos of theirs make you smile and light up. Allow it to spark your own creative thoughts and go from there.

Bottom line, TikTok can be a great place to make some extra money and have a blast.

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5 Ways to Get Paid on TikTok for Extra Cash

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