Screen-Free Road Trip Ideas for Kids You Won’t Spend Hours Prepping

I am no stranger to the road trip. My mom used to take me on them when I was a kid and while I didn’t have siblings to fight with…I didn’t have siblings to keep me entertained either. Growing up, our 6-7 hour trip to Michigan became customary and I quickly adapted to the length of the trip. Maybe that’s why I have little desire to prep for my kids when it comes to road trips. If you search on Pinterest for road trip ideas there are tons of cute little travel packs, mystery bags to open, and fun, well planned out print outs. My personal thoughts? I’m not going to spend an entire night dedicating my time and money to a super cute car entertainment pack that will ultimately be fiddled with for 5 minutes and then destroyed. No thanks. Instead, I’ve got some actual road trip ideas for kids that you don’t have to spend hours prepping for and don’t involve them nose deep in a screen either.