26 Ways to Get More Time Back in Your Day

My biggest reason behind downsizing, living a minimalist lifestyle and turning a blog into an income is all so I can get time back in my life. The times I spend constantly moving, running around, and have a jam-packed schedule are the times that I get the most stressed. I’m easy to anger, easy to quit and give the people the most important to me the least amount of attention. That’s why I decided to take my time back. Don’t think this means I am lazy or don’t do anything, it’s quite the opposite. I am more productive, more attentive and more at peace than ever! Because I hope more people follow in my footsteps, I wanted to share 26 ways to get more time back in your day. These range from small habits to major changes but they are all for a bigger purpose!

The Simple Steps to Creating a Minimalist Schedule You Can Stick To

Often times people think of minimalism in terms of “stuff” and the things that we own and accumulate. This is all true and plays a huge roll in the minimalist lifestyle. Today, however, I want to get down to the lesser known struggle of minimalism. The side you can’t see. The side that says “yes” to too many things for fear of missing out or disappointing someone. That cluttered part of your schedule that is trying to make more hours than there is in a day. How do you take your life back? What steps are necessary to making your schedule (and your life) your own again? What exactly does it take to start saying “no?” How do you downsize your schedule? Well, I’m about to give you all you need so you can downsize your schedule — like a boss. Like a minimalist boss.