Top 28 Minimalist Lifestyle Blog Posts to Help You Simplify Your Whole Life

Maybe you have some serious New Years goals, or perhaps you are just getting to that point in life that you are ready to make things a little bit more simple. Whatever the reason, I have got a list of the absolute best in minimalist lifestyle posts to help you simplify your whole life. We’ll look at decluttering, downsizing, simplifying and organizing all different areas of your home and life!

365 Ways to Live a Better Life in 365 Days. Declutter. Simplify. Live with Purpose.

You can do a lot with a year. Or you can totally waste it. The choice is up to you. As we enter a new year, however, I have decided to make a list to go with each new day. Try new things. Declutter. Simplify. See what works, and ditch what doesn’t. I hope you can take some inspiration from these 365 ways to live a better life in 365 days ideas. Got any extra ones? Feel free to share in the comments!

18 Practical Ways to Downsize and Simplify for the New Year

When people think about downsizing, they often imagine it as decluttering or minimalist living. In reality, there are so many ways you can downsize and simplify your life that have nothing to do with your stuff. However, it’s important to remember that clutter plays a huge roll in your mental health and can be crazy helpful when you want to simplify all areas of your life. Today I have got 18 practical ways to start downsizing and simplifying your life without stressing you out.