30 of the Latest Side Hustles and Passive Income Ways to Make More Money in 2019

I wish someone would have told me years ago just how simple it can be to make some extra cash. The second we started getting serious about debt payoff, it seemed like I began finding all of these really awesome ways to make money. As we enter a new year, I wanted to create an updated list of some of the best, newest and simplest ways to make yourself some extra money. These are 30 of the latest side hustles and passive income sources to make more money. Some require very little effort, some require more but all of these things can definitely make you money this year!

How We Paid Off Over $1,200 of Debt in One Week: the Side Hustles That Helped Us Out

Debt. Blah. I am so sick of it. It’s funny how when you start paying attention to something after years of ignoring it, it finds a way of working its way into your brain. After saving up $1,000 in a few weeks to help pay for our vow renewal, I started seeing how easy it was to money to pay off debt. While we have only been working on our final $10,000 of debt for a few months, we have been consistently paying it off (with a plan) for years. I am so ready to be done. I want financial freedom, I want a patio, I want to travel. Finally, I decided I’d had enough. In one week we paid off over $1,200 of debt and I want to tell about the side hustles that helped us do it!