How to Start a Successful College Fund for Your Child on a Small Budget

I wish I would have known sooner the major importance of building savings at a young age. After spending years of letting our kids blow their birthday money on shopping sprees, we finally decided to start being smart with their savings. Not many parents are aware of savings accounts for kids beyond what their local bank has to offer. Encouraging your kids to save at a young age is critical, there is no way around it. Building any kind of savings for them is a smart move, but you could be leaving money on the table. So what savings accounts should you look into for your kids? Let’s talk about how to start a successful college fund for your child on a small budget. 

36 Ways to Have More Money This Year Without Working More

Tom and I ended our 2017 by joining Financial Peace University. It was by far one of the best decisions I ever made. For the first time in my life I finally felt like I had a good grasp on money and was prepared to do anything I could to get more of it. Not so I could buy super expensive things, but so we can live with total financial freedom, travel more and all around live the lives we want to live. Now that I have changed my money mindset, I seem to keep finding ways to get more money in our pockets. So here are 33 ways to have more money and most of them don’t require much from you at all!

Sinking Funds. Tips for Beginner Budgets and Debt Payoff

Sinking Funds. Tips for Beginnger Budgets and Debt Payoff

It’s no secret that Tom and I have struggled big time when it comes to finances. During those times in life when we had less kids to worry about, more time and money we made terrible choices. What could have been the best savings years of our lives turned into the best chain restaurant years of our lives. We had all the latest in movies and clothes and we found something to spend money on every weekend. Still, at the end of the month we found ourselves penniless. (I guess it’s easy to see why.) If only time travel was possible…I would totally go back in time and kick my well dressed butt. These days, we have dug ourselves out of some serious debt, gotten our priorities strait and we have sinking funds to thank for a huge part of it.