How to Save for the Future and Still Live the YOLO Life

I think the biggest hangup for a lot of people when it comes to living on a budget or working toward paying off debt is that they really want to keep enjoying their lives. You only live once after all. I totally understand this stress. You don’t want to live a crazy frugal life, put all your money toward debt and then die without really seeing or doing the fun things you wanted to. So how do you live debt free, save for the future and still enjoy the one life you get to live? AKA the YOLO life.

10 Budget Tools, Accounts and Apps That You Actually Need

Being a financial blogger I have test out, been invited to and experimented with a ton of different programs, apps and plans that are all designed to help improve your financial life. Some times I thought I had a great thing going only to find out it was a flop. My whole purpose of this blog is to give you all the best, most honest advice and that’s what I’m going to do today. Here is my list of 10 budget tools, accounts and apps that you actually need and are all guaranteed to help you budget better and build wealth.

How to Start a Successful College Fund for Your Child on a Small Budget

I wish I would have known sooner the major importance of building savings at a young age. After spending years of letting our kids blow their birthday money on shopping sprees, we finally decided to start being smart with their savings. Not many parents are aware of savings accounts for kids beyond what their local bank has to offer. Encouraging your kids to save at a young age is critical, there is no way around it. Building any kind of savings for them is a smart move, but you could be leaving money on the table. So what savings accounts should you look into for your kids? Let’s talk about how to start a successful college fund for your child on a small budget. 

Savings Accounts That Earn Interest Like Crazy

There are so many different types of savings accounts available today that is can be hard to keep track. Unfortunately, many people are accessing the wrong type of savings accounts. You could be earning serious interest with the right savings account. I mean, you could actually be getting paid to save. So let’s dive into what traditional savings accounts are paying compared to a better savings account that will actually make you money.
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