Minimize Travel Stress with One Bag Packing for the Whole Family

When asked, travelers said that the planning stage of travel was the most stressful part of a vacation, especially the packing. This should be a chance to relax, unwind, and have fun, so find ways to cut down stress wherever possible. If you are a mom packing for her husband and kids, then the packing struggle is even more real. Therefore, consider embracing minimalism. Even if you have three or four children, one bag packing is possible. Cutting stress in this area allows you to spend more time planning activities, so you and the family can really enjoy your trips together.

KonMari Method Suitcase Packing for 2 Week Road Trip

As some of you may know we just took off on a 2-week long road trip through cold states like Wyoming and through warmer states like Nevada and California. Since the KonMari Method was such a huge success in our closet, Tom and I both wanted to use the same folding technique to pack our suitcases. Check out my KonMari Method suitcase for 2 weeks worth of clothes and get the update on how it went after the trip ended!