Create a Co-op to Reduce Your Budget and Save Tons of Time

Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes a village?” More importantly, have you ever wondered where to find yourself a village? We all need help from time to time and this whole life thing can start to feel pretty lonely especially if you’re a parent. Often times everything falls on our shoulders. Money, making dinner, school sports … and what about time for ourselves? What can you do when you feel like people are counting on you to do everything? Well, a new trend suggests, you stop doing it all by creating a co-op. How can a co-op reduce your budget and save you tons of time? Well, let’s talk about that.

Let’s Talk About Why Our Microwave Doesn’t Match Our Kitchen

So not too long after we moved into our smaller house, our microwave went out. Because we were smack dab in the middle of debt payoff we decided that a new microwave was not our top priority. It wasn’t until we were visiting our oldest daughter at her apartment and our other daughter asked, “Do you have a pot I can warm this up in?” –She was referring to some cider that she wanted to warm up. We were all met with blank stares as everyone realized we had been living like…basically cavemen for months. Sure, it was no big deal that we were warming our leftovers on the stove…until we realized that our children had totally forgotten about the modern convenience of a microwave. So why didn’t we just shell out the $200 for a new one? Well, I’ll tell you.

The Minimalist Art of Doing Nothing — At Least Once a Day.

I don’t know if I’m just worse at life than everyone else or if I have figured it out a little more than most? Whatever the case, I think people need to get on board with my semi-lazy ways of living. Let’s not call it lazy, let’s call it the minimalist art of doing nothing. No matter what, every single day, I make sure to carve out a little time to do absolutely nothing. Living is hectic and simplifying your days is absolutely necessary to survival. So let’s chat about how to perfect this minimalist art. Let’s learn how to do nothing…at least once a day.

Renting Equipment. The Latest Minimalist Trend and How You Can Get Started.

Living a minimalist life often means you’ve let go of things that no longer get frequently used. What can really pose a problem is those few times a year when you could really use a certain appliance or piece of equipment. Things like carpet shampooers, KitchenAid mixers or camping equipment are things you may want to use only once a year. When you only have a need for them once a year, most minimalists can’t justify actually buying these things. You could borrow from a friend, but there is a new trend starting that might make things even easier. Renting equipment. This new trend is catching on and spreading like wildfire. See how you can get started renting equipment and making a profit from the things you are barely using!

How a Minimalist Lifestyle Can Ease Your Anxiety and Depression

How a Minimalist Lifestyle Can Ease Your Anxiety and Depression

I have always known clutter has a negative affect on me. Just looking at it makes me feel anxious and crazy. When watching the show Hoarders, I swear I start to break out in hives. I can’t be the only person who starts instantly cleaning and decluttering after viewing a 30 minute episode. We all know hoarders have a “problem” yet most people are suffering with the same issues just in a less obvious form. Too often our lives become so chaotic and we consume too much that it has aided in the rise of anxiety and depression. So how can a minimalist lifestyle help? Many studies have backed up the fact that a minimalist lifestyle can ease your anxiety and depression. Keep reading and I will touch on the top points and share some practical actions you can take.

Minimalist Tips from Simple Living Cultures Around the World

Minimalist Tips from Simple Living Cultures Around the World

I am fascinated with minimalism and all the dimensions it can take on. It doesn’t just have to be about having little possessions, but instead about a life of happiness, contentment and purpose. My first minimalist post was all about this. After watching documentaries and reading stories, I’ve decided to share some minimalist tips from simple living cultures around the world. There is so much we can learn and benefit from how other people do things and minimalism is no exception. So if you’re craving a little minimalist inspiration, read on and hopefully you’ll get some great new simple living ideas you can incorporate at home.