How to: Minimalist Parenting at Every Age

I am 32 and having given birth for the first time at 23 and raising my husband’s 5 year old starting at the age of 20 I have raised a child at every single age from pregnancy to 18!! (Well, technically, I am 3 months away from the 18 mark.) Now, I wouldn’t have called myself a minimalist when I first became a mom but somehow having 3 kids in my life (plus a 24 year old step daughter) forced me to simplify…or die. So how did I do it? I don’t know… but I’m going to do my best to give you simple tips that can help you practice minimalist parenting at every age.

5 Simple Tips for Keeping Kids Humble During the Holidays

We all want to raise children who are generous, kind, caring and humble. Right? Somehow during the holidays with all of the candy, food and presents a lot of us lose sight of what really matters. So what can you do to keep your kids humble during the holidays? How can you teach them to remember what really matters without having a total meltdown? I have 5 super simple tips for keeping kids humble during the holidays that won’t add extra stress to your big to-do list. These tips are easy to execute and might even help remind the adults what the holidays really are about. 

Minimalist Living with Kids: Simple Tips for Toys and Keeping Life Fun

Minimalist Living with Kids: Simple Tips for Toys and Keeping Life Fun for Them

I’m Renee and I am a minimalist. Not only that I’m a minimalist with kids. This isn’t a thought I walk around thinking about on a daily basis because it has just become a way of life. So I had to pause for a moment to think about just what it has meant for us living a smaller life with our kids. You may know by now that downsizing changed things dramatically and for the better. Downsizing worked for our family as a whole, but how has it worked for just the kids? What do we do when it comes to managing toy clutter? Do we allow them freedom to choose their room decor or do we buckle down because we know less is best? Let’s talk minimalist living with kids. I’ve got some simple tips for toy clutter and how to raise them minimalist while keeping life fun.

7 Minimalist Mom Hacks for Raising Independent Kids.

Mom guilt is a real thing and it is rough. Keeping track of schedules, concerts, sports and managing individual personalities is exhausting.

I’m here to tell you that you can actually be a better mom by doing less. Being a minimalist mom, I have learned minimalism goes way beyond downsizing and organizing. It’s all about your mindset and priorities too.

Here are the ways I have learned to be a better mom by doing less.