DIY Small, Modern, Minimalist Kid’s Bedroom on a Budget

When we downsized our house 2 years ago, we knew we wanted to create a house that instantly felt like a home. We didn’t want to fill our new home with a ton of store purchased items that are in thousands of other homes. Ours should be unique to us and our story. The same goes for our children’s bedrooms. Just like we want our living room and kitchen to speak to us and make a statement, we wanted to allow our kids that chance in their bedrooms too. I thought we would have an easily clutter-free way of life with the shelving in our daughter’s closet. As it turns out, those shelves just turned into more places to shove junk and toss unfolded clothes. We had to do something. So I set out on a mission to start a DIY modern, minimalist kids bedroom on a budget.