My Daily Schedule While Homeschooling and Running an Online Business

Never did I ever think I would be someone who thrived in a routine type setting. Although I suppose it seems natural since my brain tends to be all over the place. Having a schedule seems like a necessary thing that prevents my life from being total chaos. While I do not live on a super strict schedule (in my opinion), doing a sort-of time-blocking system has really proven effective for homeschooling while running my own online business from home.

From Independent Woman to Homeschool Mom. Why I Gracefully Made the Transition.

Never ever in my life did I think I would be a mom. Then, never ever did I think I would be a homeschooling mom. In fact, I counted down the days until my daughter would go to kindergarten. I would have some one on one time with my son and get a little bit of my freedom back. My daughter is a take charge, talkative girl who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Qualities that I prayed she’d have but admittedly are very exhausting. Imagine my dismay when she repeatedly cried every day before and after school … for 7 months straight. It was clear something was wrong.

A Simple 5 Step Plan to Travel More Year Round…with kids

Do you dream about seeing the 4 corners of the world? Ever wish you could see more than you’re seeing through the windshield of your mini van? I know I do! As a kid, I was a natural explorer. When I became an adult I started to think that wild side just wasn’t natural and I tried to suppress it. I tried to just live the happy suburban housewife life. Well, let me tell you something folks, that can leave a lot of regrets. Now, more than ever, I am determined to let that inner wild child have her fun and ya know what? She’s taking my kids along for the ride! I have started a simple 5 step plan to travel more year round…with kids! Now, the last step may not be for you. I mean, let’s be real. But the rest of them…I promise will set you on a path for travel and adventure if you don’t hold back!

How to Make Money While You Homeschool

If you are a homeschooling family like we are, chances are you know the stress that comes with making the decision to homeschool. I worried about not being smart enough to teach my kids, social awkwardness (for me and them), and especially money. Money always seems to be an issue no matter what leaps you want to take in life. However, it shouldn’t be something that holds you back from schooling your children from home. Our family has been homeschooling for 2 years and have managed not only to continue to make money homeschooling but to also make enough to pay off all our debt. I want to spread the word and share with other families how it’s possible to make money while you homeschool. No one way fits all, of course, so I’ll do my best to cover all the bases!