12 No Treadmill Ways To Help You Lose Weight

You know that line on Pitch Perfect, “Don’t put me down for cardio?” Well, that is basically how I have lived the last decade of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fitness classes like hip hop and turbo kick but when it came to that dreaded treadmill there was no way I was getting on board. Still, even without a treadmill, I have managed to change, maintain and love my body using so many different methods. For those of you who are newer to fitness or are just sick of getting nowhere, you have got to check out these 12 ways to get the body of your dreams without stepping foot on a treadmill. There may even be one added bonus tip in there too!

Start a Home Gym for Less than the Cost of a 1 Month Gym Membership

It’s that time of year, where the strive for summer bodies are in full swing. It’s like New Years Day all over again. If you are one of the 67% of people who never use their gym membership, maybe it’s time to consider cutting ties. Considering that the average gym membership costs $69 per month, you could be looking at a $828 dollars per year savings. For women, especially, the gym can often feel like an intimidating place with too many options. Why not consider downsizing to your own personal home gym? The cost of starting up is no less cost effective than an unused membership! So, don’t let the cost or atmosphere of the gym keep you from your own self care. I will show you how simple it is to start a home gym for less than the cost of a 1 month gym membership.