Debt Payoff, April 2018: $3,600

A lot of people these days are doing income reports for the money they make online. Personally, even though it may benefit me in some ways, I don’t want to share my income for the whole world to see. However, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I could motivate people and encourage them through our financial experience a little bit more. Then I thought about doing an income report in reverse! Instead of sharing how much I make each month, I will be sharing a debt payoff report showing how much money we put toward our debt payoff each month. You may already be following my final $10,000 debt payoff journey. If you are, these reports will go hand in hand with that. I will take you through the steps we take to plan for this money, where it comes from, and the strategies we have implemented that are working to get us out of debt. So let’s take a look at our debt payoff for April 2018.

Millennials are fed up with debt -Know how they are getting rid of it!

Millennials are fed up with debt -Know how they are getting rid of it!

Millennials are done being called reckless spenders. See how they are killing their debts and starting to live life debt free.

I am a ‘millennial’!~
But I really wonder, if there’s anything special about this word!

Life has turned its back on me. All the big fuss, style statement, fashion, being so punk, rock and roll evenings, all just faded away, the day I realized I am drowning in debts.

<This realization was something huge, it made me silent and forced me to regret.

After a couple of days of fighting with myself, I had a talk with a few of my university buddies. Guess what? They are also dealing with the same problems. I learnt that student loan is probably the second major debt after credit cards, we all millennials are facing!

But we Millennials are seriously done with debts, and we have already started taking measures to fight those devilish amounts.

In this post I will be discussing the several ways millennials are paying off debts, and if you are a millennial yourself, then welcome to our party of ‘debt fighters’ (That’s what we are calling ourselves lately, fancy eh?).

When me and my friends sat down with our debt amounts 6 months ago, we devised suitable plans to kill our debts one by one.

I will try to help you out with the same plans, if you really want to know how you can pay off debts smartly being a millennial!