12 No Treadmill Ways To Help You Lose Weight

You know that line on Pitch Perfect, “Don’t put me down for cardio?” Well, that is basically how I have lived the last decade of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fitness classes like hip hop and turbo kick but when it came to that dreaded treadmill there was no way I was getting on board. Still, even without a treadmill, I have managed to change, maintain and love my body using so many different methods. For those of you who are newer to fitness or are just sick of getting nowhere, you have got to check out these 12 ways to get the body of your dreams without stepping foot on a treadmill. There may even be one added bonus tip in there too!

Train at Home or at the Gym Without the High Cost of Personal Training

The debate has been great in my mind. Do I quit the gym and put the savings toward paying off our debt, or do I keep reaping the benefits of the gym life because I truly feel better afterwards? Working out has truly become more than fitness or appearance for me. Now it’s more about stress relieving and keeping my sanity. Sometimes I like weights, sometimes I need to cool it down with yoga or pump it up with a kickboxing class. Whatever I have needed, my gym has had my back. But that doesn’t mean I don’t cringe when the bill comes each month. Then I found out there was a way to quit my high paying gym membership and still get high quality training and the variety that I love. PLUS you get 30 days totally free!! 

5 Ways Your Healthy Lifestyle is Making You Broke

There are so many health and fitness fads that have taken the world by storm in the last few decades that it’s hard to keep up! We all know there is always some new craze everyone is talking about whether it is a diet plan or new super food. One thing that not many people may realize is that being healthy is expensive. That is, if you’re not doing it right. I’m guilty of buying into fads, spending too much on supplements and over-doing it on fresh fruits and veggies. Here are 5 lessons I have learned from the fitness trenches that will help you scale back your spending and still see healthy results.