The Total Guide to Downsizing Your House to Get Out of Debt.

When we downsized our house a little over 2 years ago we also did it with the desire to begin living a more intentional life and get out of debt. Downsizing for us also meant upsizing our money. If you are feeling house poor or like you are drowning in debt, I want to walk you through how you can downsize your house to get out of debt and how to decide if it is the right move for you and your family.

Plan a Big Downsize Without Moving

More and more stories are popping up of people moving from big houses to smaller, more modestly sized homes. Our family downsized almost 2 years ago now and have never looked back. Since then, we have continued to downsize and declutter our belongings. If you are someone who has been dreaming of a downsized life but the idea of a big move is overwhelming, I’ve got some solutions for you! It’s actually very easy to plan a big downsize without moving. Check out the personal tips and tricks that I have used, plus some ideas from other simple living influencers.

18 Practical Ways to Downsize and Simplify for the New Year

When people think about downsizing, they often imagine it as decluttering or minimalist living. In reality, there are so many ways you can downsize and simplify your life that have nothing to do with your stuff. However, it’s important to remember that clutter plays a huge roll in your mental health and can be crazy helpful when you want to simplify all areas of your life. Today I have got 18 practical ways to start downsizing and simplifying your life without stressing you out.