10 Super Simple Ways to Start a Healthy Diet That Sticks

I spent way too many years of my life battling with food. It seems silly when you think about it because I really love food. So why did I fight with it so much? In the beginning it was a battle with over-eating. Then it was making sure I ate the perfect amount and panicking when I didn’t. From there I found weight loss shakes that eventually lead me to fruits and vegetables. From fruits and vegetables it went to vegetarian, to vegan to gluten free. All of which lead to heart palpatations and constant muscle aches. I wish I would have known that it didn’t have to be like this. Starting a healthy diet doesn’t have to be from one extreme to the next. In fact, smaller steps lead to better lasting results. So before you go doing anything drastic, check out these 11 super simple ways to start a healthy diet that sticks.