Get Cash with Decluttr when You KonMari DVDs, Games and Books

The KonMari Method is sweeping the nation once again after Marie Kondo’s Netflix special started airing. Now everyone is more determined than ever to live with less, declutter and organize their homes. One of the major problems with this is that a lot of people are quick to either toss the items that no longer “spark joy” or they shove them in a garbage bag and drop them by their local Goodwill. Taking the time and patience to make any money for their discarded items is a rare occasion.  I totally get this because when I start decluttering, I just want everything gone ASAP. BUT, did you know there is a way to KonMari DVDs, games and books immediately and still get paid for them? It’s just as easy as dropping off a donation, except this time you get a little extra change in your pocket.