Why I Made My Family of 5 Eat Dinner on the Floor for 6 Months

Yup. I did this to myself. At the time, it seemed like a genius idea. Tom made fun of me and I just ignored him, naturally. I made our family of 5 eat dinner on the floor for 6 months and just like most things in life, I learned some valuable lessons from it along…

13 Proven Ways to Accelerate​ Debt Payoff and Save Thousands

Debt payoff. It was something I wanted so badly but just wasn’t sure how to start. By the time Tom and I finally decided we were fed up with debt, we had heard a million different strategies on how to pay off debt and were more determined than ever to find a strategy and stick with it. On top of finding a good debt payoff strategy, we wanted to make sure we found any other tricks or ideas we could that would allow us to pay off debt even faster than the payoff plan. After 3 years of paying off debt, we have found 13 proven ways to accelerate debt payoff and help save thousands on interest!

Debt Payoff, April 2018: $3,600

A lot of people these days are doing income reports for the money they make online. Personally, even though it may benefit me in some ways, I don’t want to share my income for the whole world to see. However, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I could motivate people and encourage them through our financial experience a little bit more. Then I thought about doing an income report in reverse! Instead of sharing how much I make each month, I will be sharing a debt payoff report showing how much money we put toward our debt payoff each month. You may already be following my final $10,000 debt payoff journey. If you are, these reports will go hand in hand with that. I will take you through the steps we take to plan for this money, where it comes from, and the strategies we have implemented that are working to get us out of debt. So let’s take a look at our debt payoff for April 2018.