While the whole world seems to be stockpiling cash, what mindset shifts can you make that allow you to stockpile cash for life after Covid-19?

3 Mindset Shifts to Help You Stockpile Cash Instead of Charmin

Alright, so I know deep down our human instincts keep us hard-wired for survival. We stockpile TP during crisis like a squirrel stockpiles acorns before winter. I don’t know if squirrels get in full-on brawls like 2 stay at home moms in the Charmin aisle of Costco. But that’s beside the point. While our survival instincts have kept us in check for centuries, there is a key element we are missing out on and it’s causing us all way more stress than necessary and making us miss out on the bigger picture items…like cash. Actually, it’s what cash can afford us. Now, this isn’t going to be your typical “money hack” type post. But just hear me out…

In my opinion, the biggest key to surviving and thriving during uncertain times is to look beyond our physical survival instincts and instead focus on thriving in our mental state. Because a change in our minds and hearts will carry over and benefit us in our physical lives as well.

1. Focus on life after quarantine

It’s human nature to go into survival mode during times of crisis. This is literally something our brains do all the way back to caveman days. It’s natural for us to want our families (and our tushies) to be well taken care of. 

While I understand this physical survival instinct, I think it gets in the way of our mental survival. In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, (Yes, it should be on your reading list.) author Viktor Frankl discusses how he survived (and made the best of) being a prisoner of The Holocaust by imagining life after


And I think for most of us right now, as we sit in quarantine…what we want to imagine is life with people.

Life outside of our homes.

Maybe you want to make that trip across the country to see your best friend.

Maybe it’s finally taking that big trip with your spouse?

Whatever it might be, NOW is the time too make it happen! And sorry to say, Charmin isn’t going to help you get there! A smart financial game plan will.

And friend, that is why I created¬†a financial course beyond budgeting¬†— because I believe people deserve to take full advantage of their life and now, more than ever I believe that to be true!

2. Get rid of crap you thought was important

Have you ever gone through a major life change and then all of a sudden realized how stupid everything you used to worry about was?

When my dad died — living that YOLO life didn’t seem so important. Not beer kegs and boys. Living an honest life and refusing to settle for the absolute best was my new philosophy.

Right now.. Covid-19 makes me SO STINKING GLAD that I make a financial effort to spend time with people.

If I think back on 2019, a good majority of it was spent cutting out time and money to see and/or support people I care about. Including myself and my dreams!

Now more than ever, I want to KEEP living my life that way. I want to keep putting people first and not be afraid to invest financially in what matters to me. If you’re wanting that same thing, check out my course, The Bucket List Budget. It is designed to help you tweak your financial status so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted!

Mental clutter

I want you to put a major focus on letting go of things mental things you used to put too much value in. Things like:

  • Other people’s expectations
  • Working your way up the corporate latter
  • Having a magazine-worthy house all the time

Right now, with more downtime than ever you are being given the chance to re-evaluate what is actually important to you. You get to decide what people, places and things are worth your time and money!

Physical clutter

Sure, there’s physical clutter too! Now, as your entire family is jammed into your house you might begin to feel a little claustrophobic and you’ll want to take it out on the vacuum and the junk drawer. It’s all good, I get it. More than anything I believe a clear space allows for a clear mind. So go ahead, declutter to your heart’s content. In fact, I have content for that!

3. So then save, damnit! 

I know you probably started reading this post imagining that I would have these practical tips for you on how to have more money by rationing toilet paper. Sorry to disappoint.

Changing your mindset and focusing on EVERYTHING in your life that is bigger than canned goods and TP is going to be your key to helping you save money right now! Stockpile it like crazy so that if and when something like this happens again — and your job or livelihood is threatened, you don’t feel panicked and strapped for cash.

Save automatically and get paid for it

The best way to actually start saving your money is by following these 3 guidelines to saving:

  1. Get an account separate from your regular checking account
  2. Automate it so you don’t even think about it
  3. Find a bank that pays you to save money!

All three of these things can be taken advantage of with the Savings Builder account from CITBank. When you set up an automatic $100 per month savings transfer, CITBank will pay you their highest interest rate so you accumulate more money the more you save!

Save for the life you want after quarantine

Yes, it’s smart to save for emergencies — it relieves so much stress when they actually happen. BUT beyond that, don’t forget about actually enjoying your life!

Save so when you can leave your house again — you can go wherever the heck you want! You can see whoever you want. Start the business. Take the class. Whatever it might be.

Right now, in the midst of Covid-19, I creaed the Survive and Thrive Sale Bundle. This bundle is designed to help you not only financially navigate Covid-19 (and take advantage of the MANY ways you can save money), but it’s also laid out to help you do a complete overhaul of your entire financial situation!

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While the whole world seems to be stockpiling cash, what mindset shifts can you make that allow you to stockpile cash for life after Covid-19? #coronavirushumor #coronavirus #covid19 #stockpiling

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