Easy Way to Eat Clean and Slim Down

Alright, let’s start this off with a WCW. (Woman Crush Wednesday.) In all my years of fitness, healthy foods and genuinely caring about what I put into my body, I always go to my favorite female celebrities for inspiration. No, I don’t buy their posters and plaster them to my wall like I used to. Seriously, you should have seen my room as a kid. Instead, I do research what they are chowing down. After years of busting my butt in the gym, I eventually found out that most of the work I do is in fact, happening in the kitchen. This is OK by me because I’m usually a 30 min workout kind of gal. Oh yeah, so my woman crush: Blake Lively. Not only is blake stunningly beautiful and fantastic when it comes to fashion, but she now has an easy way to eat clean and slim down.

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My crush started a few years back when I decided to start binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. Now of course, Blake is a mommy of 2, which makes her even better in my eyes. So when she released her newest move, “The Shallows” not too long after giving birth to her second child, I had to find out what her get back in shape plan was. Some sources say she cut out soy and gluten, others just say soy. We all know I’m a firm believer in what cutting gluten has done for me. You can read about my story here: Gluten Intolerance Symptoms. However, I was very interested to read about why exactly her trainer encouraged her to cut out soy and why that is not the only ingredient we should be looking out for.

Getting Shallow

The standard American diet, as we all know, is extremely high in processed foods and meats. This is the reason Blake’s trainer advised her against soy. There was no need for an extensive diet plan or a personal chef (although there may have been one, let’s be honest.) Because by simply eliminating soy, Blake would be eliminating most processed foods. Processed foods are known to cause tons of serious health concerns as well as weight gain. It’s no wonder, in order to slim down and trim up for her roll, this was the route she opted to take. It’s much simpler than following a strict plan or routine. You are simply eliminating one thing from your diet. Easy enough, especially for an (at the time) mother of one. (Her pregnancy began shortly after filming had wrapped on “The Shallows”)

The Soy Positive

Don’t get me wrong, soy can be an extremely beneficial plan based protein with tons of shown health benefits. In fact in a 16 year study of over 12,000 men was done documenting their soy intake. After those 16 years, it was found that those who consumed higher amounts of soy milk, there was a 70% reduction in the risk of prostate cancer! You can watch a video on the matter as well as more benefits here on Nutrition Facts.org. These types of benefits, of course, have been found with people drinking soy milk, consuming tofu or edamame type soy.

Posts Like This

Different forms of soy are found in most processed food products these days, particularly soybean oil. Soy bean oil is extracted in a process where the soy bean itself is cracked and heated in order to extract oil. Another well known food you may have heard that goes through a similar process is also dominating the shelves in stores these days; corn syrup. Both corn syrup and soybean oil are found in most processed foods these days. Both of these modified foods can lead to many different health risks such as insulin resistance, high blood pressure and leaky gut.

What about the cob?

Like soy, when corn is consumed as a whole (rather than just broken down and extracted) there is little damage that will be done. While there aren’t huge studies done showing the whopping impact of corn, however it is a great source of potassium, B6 and protein.

Soy Corny

If you are trying to make big changes when it comes to your diet, and are trying to avoid processed foods, this is one way to make it very simple on yourself; avoid any foods with ingredients of soy or corn. While it may not be soy bean oil or corn syrup, they are still heavily processed before being used in products. Eliminating these two ingredients will do away with the majority of what you will find on the shelves of your local stores. This is such a simple way of stepping away from processed foods and freeing yourself from all the downfalls that come along with them. You may find that you slim down like Blake, but be aware of any other health perks you notice in the process. Increase in energy and less stomach issues probably being some of the top things you will notice. Then, when you feel ready, you can tackle sugar, just for fun. To start cutting sugars, check out my post all about it: How to Stop Sugar Cravings.


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