How do you live slowly with kids? Here are 7 simple ideas on how to slow down and incorporate a slow living lifestyle even with children!

7 Practical Ways to Practice Slow Living with Kids

In the whirlwind of modern life, finding moments of peace and connection with your family can be a tricky thing to find. Over the last few years our family has worked to, embrace slow living and focus on togetherness. In this post I wanted to share seven simple yet impactful ways you can practice slow living into your daily life. From slowing down your morning routine to 6 minutes of reading at the end of the day, here are some ideas on how you can begin practicing slow living even with kids!

Slow Morning Routines

As someone who is not a natural morning person, it has been crucial for me to include a slow living into our morning routine — even when I have go get the kids out the door on time!

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes the best moments are found in the simplicity of slow mornings. Instead of alarms for the kids I’ve opted for two gentle wake-up calls. This way they are not waking up to the sound of an alarm and can ease into their days as I sip my morning coffee.

Having an alarm free morning sets the tone for a day before the rush of school begins. Most mornings we are able to sit together and enjoy breakfast a quick chat before school. (That is when my teenage girl feels like coming out of her room.)

Prioritize Disconnecting

In a world dominated by screens, we have worked to create healthy boundaries with screen time. (Parents included.) Because most of us spend a majority of our day getting work done on screens, we have worked to set limits on screen time at home.

No electronics before bed is a rule that we live by. Avoiding screens before beds has been proven to help promote better sleep quality and reduces stress.

Because our kids are often tempted to grab their electronics if they are in their room, we have an Electronic Station where all digital devices go at the end of the day.

This Electronic Station is simply a drawer in the dresser in our living room where all devices can be plugged in and then closed away.

This is an example of a charging drawer from

Reading Rituals

When my kids were little, I always made sure to carve out reading time with them before bed. As they’ve gotten older, we still work to set aside this time, although it looks a little different.

Instead of reading books to my kids, we all piled into my bed and read our own books for 6 minutes.

I have read several times that just 6 minutes of reading before bed helps calm the nervous system and promote quality sleep. My hope is that this will also encourage a love for reading and will encourage my kids to adapt this habit into adulthood. It’s also kind of nice to have a reason to get some extra snuggles in before bedtime!

Screen-Free Meals

Something we really work to enforce is making sure no phones are present during meal times. You would think this would be a given, however, I have seen so many families miss out on quality time because they couldn’t put their phones away.

I won’t lie, sometimes this means we are forced to listen to my pre-teen and teen bicker at the dinner table. Most days, however, we get to enjoy fun conversations and a few good laughs.

How do you live slowly with kids? Here are 7 simple ideas on how to slow down and incorporate a slow living lifestyle even with children!

Quality Family Time

One thing I have actively worked to do is be present with my kids, especially when they are talking to me. As a mom, I tend to carry my to-do list in my head which usually means my brain is very busy.

When this happens, I often find it means I’m half-listening to my family, or ignoring my kids altogether. Instead I have intentionally worked to pause my brain, make eye contact, take a deep breath and focus on what my kids are saying to me. This helps slow down time, pause my nervous system, and makes my children feel they have my undivided attention. Of course, this isn’t something I can always do…a girl’s gotta get shit done, am I right?

If I am truly unable to pause and give my children undivided attention, I kindly let them know that. “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you right now, my brain is very busy. Please let me finish getting XYZ done.”

My hope is that this gently let’s them down while helping to give them the words to speak for their own peace when necessary.

Active Family Lifestyle

As we started traveling with our kids more and more, I noticed a miraculous thing happening whenever we would take a hike. We were all happy and talking. My brain didn’t feel busy, my kids weren’t at each other’s throats, and my daughter would talk to me non-stop.

This is why we started implementing more walks into our routine. At least once a week we tell our kids we are going on a walk. Together we take our dog, Tucker, around the park and maybe a little further sometimes.

Table Games

One thing I started doing was placing board games in the center of our kitchen table. I had read once in a book about habits that a man found it easier to practice his guitar when he put it out in the middle of his living room. He didn’t have to take it out of the case, or pull it out of a closet, it was right there for him to grab.

I decided to test this out with board games in hopes that we would be quicker to reach for games to play together and it worked! Even if we don’t play a full game, we will use Scrabble tiles to spell out funny words together, or the characters from our favorite TV shows.

Starting this habit spiraled into us playing games almost every single evening after dinner.

How do you live slowly with kids? Here are 7 simple ideas on how to slow down and incorporate a slow living lifestyle even with children!

Embrace Imperfection, Prioritize Presence

In the journey of creating a harmonious family routine, it’s important to acknowledge that perfection is not the goal. The key is to be present, cherish the moments, and foster connections that will last a lifetime. Embrace the imperfections, and savor the beauty of a family united by love and shared experiences.

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How do you live slowly with kids? Here are 7 simple ideas on how to slow down and incorporate a slow living lifestyle even with children!

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