Minimalist Closet Essentials. Shoes That Go With Everything!

I’m no stranger to having a perfectly curated minimalist wardrobe, but one thing we have yet to cover (and I have no clue why) is minimalist shoes! The thing is, it’s so amazing to have a few go-to shoes in your closet that you know will go with just about anything in your closet! I personally try to stick with white, tan and black. Fancy, I know. Typical minimalist, right? Don’t go thinking I’m so vanilla just yet though. Check out the shoe inspiration I have gathered for you today! These are minimalist style shoes that I swear will go with anything! (Basically…)

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From stilettos to Dr. Scholls

Once upon a time, I used to have a monthly shoe membership. Yup. It’s true. I was one of those. The thing is, I didn’t get sneakers or cute boots or anything practical. Nope. I had hot pink 4-inch heels with sparkles, turquoise blue 4-inch heels…basically anything with 4-inch heels and pizzazz. Do people still say pizzazz? Well, I do, so there. However, now, I’m the kind of girl who walks into Kohls with a discount coupon hoping to scoop up a practical pair of shoes that go with anything and are comfortable to walk in.

I’m also the girl who does this, sees the rack that says Dr. Scholls, and gets super excited! Yup, I am the proud owner of some beige Dr. Scholls orthopedic shoes and I am damn proud of it. Before you go judging me, check out some of these other minimalist shoes that go with everything. I’m gonna throw some Dr. Scholls in there too and I promise you’ll be shocked at how cute they actually are!

Actually, I’m gonna need to prove it..I rocked the same Dr. Scholls shoes the entire time I was in Nashville (three different outfits and counting).

Black slip on sneakers

I may or may not have been eyeballing a pair just like these yesterday. Like I said, you can’t go wrong with the neutral color staples in your closet especially when it comes to shoes.

The best part about minimalist slip on black sneakers is that they really are very versatile. Check out these photos from Just Trendy Girls that show how you can dress them up or keep them casual.

Nude Bootie

Maybe I just wanted to put those two words together. Hehe. I’m a grown up. But, seriously, my nude/tan booties are one of my absolute favorite go-tos for just about any type of outfit. Unfortunately, they are starting to fall apart they have been worn so much and in the Minnesota winter to boot!

The best part is, booties like this are actually pretty comfortable to spend the day in as well and dress up even the comfiest of outfits. (Ok, maybe steer clear of these with sweats.)

But, check out these super cute outfits from Fashion Jackson and Adrianna Bohrer. Both are a little more casual outfits, but definitely two totally different styles.

White Sneakers

The classic white sneaker is something that I see “coming back” in a big way. It’s so crazy to see the Gen Z peeps walking around in those chunky KSwiss shoes that I remember the cool kids wearing back in 7th grade.

Truth be told, I super love my white Converse sneakers, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was more than a little excited to see that white platform sneakers are also coming back in style. No, they aren’t as massive and tacky as the ones I used to wear in middle school when I wanted to be a Spice Girl.

Ok, enough about me. Check out these super cute white sneaker styles from Danielle Barclay, Fashion Jackson, and Mia Mia Mine.

Black loafers

I cannot be the only person who doesn’t like the word loaf. Loafers just sounds like something chunky and unattractive that I don’t want to be a part of. However, the black loafer (shudder) is a classic.

While black loafers aren’t exactly my thing, they are often a must-have staple of any minimalist wardrobe because not only are they simple and versatile, they are also probably the most hassle-free shoe you can find.

Here are some dressed up and dressed down examples from Damsel in Dior and Little Blonde Book.

Black Pumps

Classic, am I right? The classic black pump has been an everybody favorite for decades. While it might not necessarily be your minimalist cup of tea to be strutting around in heels, I have always been someone who adores a classic pump. In fact, it’s probably time that I welcome some back into my closet.

After going through my major clothing spending freeze, I never really welcomed any heels back into my closet. I feel a change coming. Especially this little black dress and pumps classic and the casual/chic look from Camilla Pihlno.

Get adorable minimalist shoe spiration with these shoe styles that will go with just about everything in your closet!

Black Boots

This is one of my staples right alongside the tan/nudie bootie. I could basically just alternate between these two and be totally content for the rest of my life. Ok, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far.

However, if you are someone who lives in a 4 season state and love taking advantage of fall outfits, then yes, you are going to love the black boot. I brought some celebs in for this one, model, Emily Ratajkowski and Selena Gomez along with this super minimalist outfit from Where to Get It.

Nude Sandal Wedges

If you are not a heel person, please, please, I beg of you, do not underestimate the wedge. Wedges are seriously so cute and so comfortable. Even before I had a staple minimalist uniform, keeping black and nude wedges on hand was a must for me.

They were always a classic summer go-to, or for a classic all-inclusive vacay. These are again so versatile to have on hand especially during warmer weather when you want to seem a little bit more glam. I love the white jeans combo from The Sweetest Thing blog and love the dressed-up version on Running in Heels blog.

Tan Flats

The classic little “ballet shoe” — maybe that’s not what they are all called. I don’t actually know. The truth is, I struggled to wear flats for so long because I am 5’1″ tall. I always felt like my clothes looked weird when I was flat ont he ground.

However, I have come to embrace my little-ness and am getting more and more comfortable with flats. These cute outfits make it easy to see why. Southern Curls and Pearls shows off the class blue jeans look and Cultural Collective dresses it up a bit with pointy flats.

Black Sandal

Another thing you’ll see a lot of when it comes to minimalist outfits and style is the classic, simple, black sandal. I’m more of a flip flops girl myself, but, if we’re talking shoes that go with everything then the black sandal deserves an honorable mention for sure.

I could maybe get behind these ones from Shop Impressions and who am I kidding …after writing this article I want everything that Fashion Jackson owns. Did I just become a style blogger? No way. I am kind of hopelessly awkward behind the camera. Unless that’s what you guys are into? LMK

Tan Sneakers

Since I am no fashion icon, I had to include some better style outfits with those classic tan sneakers we chatted about. (Ya know kind of like my Dr. Scholls.)

That’s why I chose these tan sneakers minimalist outfits from Lookastic and Hello Fashion Blog. Did you know when I used to dress in the morning I would try to imagine myself holding a cup of coffee to decide whether or not I looked awesome? I can’t be the only person who has noticed that like 80% of fashion photos have a cup of coffee in them.

What did I miss?

Do you have some favorite go-to sneakers that seem to fit with almost everything in your closet? If so, be sure to share in the comments!