Thift store lovers!! Want to know how you can get paid for thrifting? See how one woman makes over $2,000 per month selling used books!

How to Make $2,000 per Month Selling Used Books!

Since Covid hit, Tom and I have been spending a lot more time hitting up thrift stores like Goodwill in search of some good used books to add to our collection. It’s insane how many gems are hiding on the shelves — some completely new! In fact, finding so many books at Goodwill has been a major help in upping the amount of reading we are able to accomplish. Because of our personal success finding gently used books at local thrift shops, you can imagine how excited I was to hear that a friend of mine started making almost $2,000 per month by flipping used books she had found at thrift stores!

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Money for your junk

As I have mentioned before, during our debt payoff, we started selling a lot of our old furniture and electronics in order to help speed up our debt payoff. Including our kitchen table, which maybe was taking it a bit too far.

During this time I started to hear more and more about how people are actually making full-time incomes by buying items at thrift stores or on sale and then selling them online for a profit.

In fact, when you see how the world is making a shift toward a more sustainable future, it’s easy to see that flipping is really just in the beginning stages and will only continue to grow. 3 Reasons Reselling Will be the Most Lucrative Side Hustle of 2021.

In fact, rumor has it, you can scoop up free stuff on Facebook Marketplace, take better, more styled photos of that same item and just sell it for more money! SAY WHAT?

eBay on a mission

The only personal I personally knew who was doing this was my friend Amanda from Millionaire by Next Year.

She had originally started selling stuff on eBay when she was a kid and then started doing flipping with intention when she decided as an adult that she was sick of the same old 9-5.

I watched her journey on Instagram as she began working her way through some of her family’s old stuff. It seemed like she was making sales every single day and it was so exciting to see someone having so much success with such a simple side hustle!

Thift store lovers!! Want to know how you can get paid for thrifting? See how one woman makes over $2,000 per month selling used books!

Flipping on the road

Did you know that flipping items from thrift stores while traveling is actually a possibility as well!? In late 2020, Amanda hit the road to see if she could take her side hustle with her and she not only made it work, she started making bank!

I’m telling you, there is power in the whole “Leap and the net will appear,” approach to life. In fact, check out her Amazon sales for January and February 2021!

Niching down

So what was Amanda’s secret to Amazon success? Niching down!

In order words, she decided to just focus on selling books! Since she has always had a passion for books, it occurred to her that maybe in order to make selling easier she should focus solely on selling used books she finds at thrift shops while she travels!

I think it’s safe to say the numbers speak for themselves.

While she was making this same kind of income from reselling in the summer months of 2020, to make this much of an up-swing on just ONE major platform is huge! Here is a quick peek at her overall earnings from flipping.

Where to start flipping?

So what do you think you would want to start with if it came to reselling?

Maybe you’re a parent who really knows what the hot toys are all year round and are also equally as amazing at couponing and hitting up sales.

Perhaps you are a fashionista who would love making money while re-selling old clothes or hitting up thrift stores and selling for a profit!

Then again, maybe you love the idea of selling used books you find at thrift stores! Heck, if you can make over $2,000 per month doing it, may as well!

Get more ideas on your selling style based on your enneagram type!

How to get started

If you love the idea of spending your free time combing through thrift stores to find the best bargains you can in order to make a profit, then my friend, you are in luck!

After seeing huge success with her Amazon sales (and sales all year long), Amanda decided to finally create a course that her followers had been begging for!! It’s called Trash to Cash and it shows you the how-tos of making money by selling your old stuff and then walks you through how to get started thrifting and flipping!

If you want to start making money from thrift store finds, click here to learn more about what is included in the course!

In fact, you can start learning right alongside Tom and I! He is currently taking the Trash to Cash course and we are going to do our best to share our journey with everyone! If you want to be sure to follow along, come hang out in the Fun Sized Budgeters Facebook group!

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