The Best Self Help Book for Any Aspiring Entrepreneur

The Best Self Help Book for Any Aspiring Entrepreneur

Chances are most of us have known our talents and our likes since we were kids. Personally I have known that I’m a “good” artist since I was 5. Winning coloring contests told me so. In high school I excelled in my interior design class, art, speech class, writing and poetry courses and basically all things artistic. Except drama. I was terrible at drama. I didn’t do well when people were watching but you put me in front of my bathroom mirror with a hair brush and I can sing you show tunes until the cows come home. (Don’t know where that super old reference came from?) Even though I knew all these things, I still didn’t have a whole lot of direction as to how to make it work in terms of a career. I’ve spent most of my life feeling aimless until one book opened my eyes like crazy. For the first time in forever I was able to see my talents and they were SO OBVIOUS. I knew these things about myself, but I didn’t know they were my strengths. When people ask, “What are your strengths?” Answers are generally something like: “I’m a people person.” “I’m a hard worker.” Well, one book flipped those boring answers on their behinds and got real. I want to share this awesome self help book with any aspiring entrepreneur or even just a person who has felt like they have spent too many years just wandering. 

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About Strengths Finder 2.0

“Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong. . . And yet, a person can perform only from strength.” -Peter Drucker – quoted in StrengthsFinder 2.0

StrengthsFinder 2.0 is a book written by researcher and writer, Tom Rath. He is a #1 New York Times best selling author and has dedicated his career to studying human behavior in business, health and well-being. Among Rath’s other books, StrengthsFinder 2.0 is a common “must read” for many companies and businesses. In fact, the reason I was able to get my hands on a copy is because it was required reading at my husband’s job.

This is a book that has completely planned out how to help each individual find their top strengths and then guide them through how to use them, potential careers and how to implement them. There is an online questionnaire that is meticulously laid out in order to help determine each persons top 5 strengths.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong. . . And yet, a person can perform only from strength.’ -Peter Drucker – quoted in StrengthsFinder 2.0″ quote=”‘Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong. . . And yet, a person can perform only from strength.’ -Peter Drucker – quoted in StrengthsFinder 2.0″]

The downside

The one possible downside of this book is that you need your own individual copy. This isn’t one that you can pick up from the library or borrow from a friend. Because the questionnaire will be detailed to your unique personality, you will also get a unique code to go along with it.

The upside

This is your own personal book! On the front, you have the option to list your top 5 strengths so that you are able to look back on them and review. There really is something special about knowing something is completely yours and unique to you.

What you get

After completing your online questionnaire, you will receive:

  • Your top 5 theme report
  • 50 ideas for action
  • A Strengths Discovery Interview
  • A Strength-Based Action Plan for setting goals and applying your strengths

As well as the following resources:

  • Online option to customize your strengths-based action plan
  • Strengths discussion forum
  • Took for creating customized display cards of your top 5
  • Strengths screensaver
  • Quick reference guide to strengths basics
  • Detailed summary of Gallup’s research on strength-based development
  • An overview of all 34 themes (strengths)
  • A team strengths grid for mapping the talents of those around you
  • Guide for strengths-based discussions in organizations
  • Guide for strengths-based discussions at home

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The 34 strengths

You could easily pick up a book and go through these strengths and think you would be able to figure out your own. Chances are you would be wrong…at least on a few. I tried and failed. Once I was able to determine my actual strengths I felt so foolish for not recognizing them before. I mean strategic… never would have thought that one for myself. Then the more I thought back, and read on the subject, the more light that was shed on just how strategic I really am. Here is a list of all the strengths (I have starred my strengths)

  • Achiever
  • Activator
  • Adaptability*
  • Analytical
  • Arranger
  • Belief
  • Command
  • Communication
  • Competition
  • Connectedness*
  • Consistency
  • Context
  • Deliberative
  • Developer
  • Empathy
  • Focus
  • Futuristic
  • Harmony
  • Ideation
  • Includer
  • Individualization
  • Input*
  • Intellection
  • Learner
  • Maximizer
  • Positivity*
  • Realtor
  • Responsibility
  • Restorative
  • Self-Assurance
  • Significance
  • Strategic*
  • Woo

Finding your strengths

There is going to be a seal in the back of your book and you are gonna bust that baby open. Don’t worry, it’s not as intense as it sounds. Inside you will find your own unique code. From there you can go to and enter your special code to get started.

What to do with your strengths

After finding your top 5 strengths, take the time to read about each of them. Each strength page will have:

  • general description
  • examples from real people with the same strength
  • ideas for action (potential jobs, organization and good partners to work with)
    • Fun fact…my top strengths recommends I find someone with a focus or discipline top strength (my hubby!) to basically keep me down on earth instead of floating away in the clouds.
  • How to work with others with this same strength

Pay attention to similarities

Take the time to read and absorb each strength. See if any similarities pop up. For example, several of my strengths suggested working as my own boss, as a teacher or journalist. Because I love absorbing new information, (input) I’m adaptable and have a genuine interest in helping others. I strongly believe in helping others be their best (connectedness) because it helps improve the world as a whole. It’s so funny now looking back at how finding all of these strengths lead me back into entrepreneurship (after quitting photography) and strait into the field of blogging.

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Do they align with your talents

Begin to think of ways that your strengths might be able to go hand in hand with your talents, passions or trainings. If you have gone through schooling, or already have work experience, take the time to jot down some ideas of how your strengths might be useful in these areas. In fact, I have created a chart just to help you get your ideas together on this.

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Strengths Builder Worksheet

Get it together

After you have taken the time to fill out the graph based on your strengths, talents and experience you might’s tart to get together some career choices for yourself. This part can take time for sure. My first thought after taking my StrengthsFinder test definitely wasn’t blogging. yet, now I can see how this is SO obviously what I should be doing. I have a graphic design degree, talents in writing and design, am best suited for working on my own and always switching things up. Perfect. Each week, I get to write 3 totally different posts, on my own schedule using my talents, experience and my strengths and I couldn’t be happier.

Once you have a great idea of what it is you think you are meant to do it’s time to get a few things together:

  • research your market
  • get a business plan together
  • get a budget plan together
  •  start taking steps toward your goal

No matter what, you will be able to take steps in the right direction when you are more clearly able to see just where you are meant to go, how you are able to be helpful and what exactly will make you the happiest!

Happy strengths finding!

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strengths finder, self help, self help book, find your strengths. entrepreneur, work from home, talents, what are my talents, how to find talent, what am I good at


strengths finder, self help, self help book, find your strengths. entrepreneur, work from home, talents, what are my talents, how to find talent, what am I good at










  1. Nicole | Glamorously You | 24th Jan 18

    That book sounds so interesting! I love how it is personalized to every reader. No entrepreneur is the same!

    • | 24th Jan 18


  2. Kat Nelson | 24th Jan 18

    My favorite part was the list of strengths! Entrepreneurs should always be aware of the tools in their toolbelts!



    • | 24th Jan 18

      Absolutely! These strengths are so far different than what I had always believed to be strengths.

  3. Yvette | 24th Jan 18

    This is perfect, I love as actually in chapters yesterday looking for books on this topic!

  4. Linda | 24th Jan 18

    Love the personalization of this list. Really different than anything I’ve ever thought about myself!

    • | 24th Jan 18

      Exactly! All things I knew I had in me but didn’t realize any could actually be such major strengths in my life!

  5. Rachel | 24th Jan 18

    I loved the StrengthsFinder so much, I ended up working at Gallup for years and got to know all the research and did a TON of strengths coaching! Now I do it privately for individuals and it’s seriously the best “personality assessment” I’ve ever taken.

    • | 24th Jan 18

      I’m so glad you feel the same, Rachel! You lucky lady!

  6. Sarah | 24th Jan 18

    Sounds helpful! I love the idea of a system that assesses your personal strengths to help you develop!

  7. Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy | 25th Jan 18

    That book sounds great! It can be so hard to figure out what your strengths are/

    • | 25th Jan 18

      You really think it wouldn’t be…like I said, these were things I KNEW about myself but never considered to be strengths that could benefit me professionally!

  8. Justine @ Little Dove | 25th Jan 18

    StrengthsFinder 2.0 sounds like an incredible book, thanks for breaking it down for us! I’m also really interested in that $5 meal plan membership too, I’m going to look more into that!

  9. Yissel | 26th Jan 18

    I’m looking for good books to read. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • | 26th Jan 18

      You bet! This one is guaranteed to be good.Because it’s all about you!

  10. Mary Leigh | 26th Jan 18

    This sounds like a really great read! I love things like this and usually always tend to learn something about myself that I hadn’t thought of before. So helpful to think about these things when trying to grow a business or be a successful [fill in the blank]!

    • | 27th Jan 18

      It really is! It opened my eyes in so many ways.

  11. Lindsey | 29th Jan 18

    This looks like such a great resource! I love finding new books to add to my list!

    • | 29th Jan 18

      This one is great because it’s your own special one too!

  12. Floby | 5th Feb 18

    Every day we learn indeed, thank you for this reminders!

    • | 5th Feb 18


  13. Joleisa | 5th Feb 18

    I’ve not heard of this book before! Must check it out. I agree that we don’t always really know our strengths. Love the Venn Diagram activity too. Thanks for sharing

    • | 5th Feb 18

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. D | 5th Feb 18

    Very interesting read. I love the idea of it being personalised to each person as we are all unique. By the looks of the link you provided it is not expensive either. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    D xo | from Live Dream Create – D

    • | 5th Feb 18

      It definitely is very reasonably priced especially for the payoff it gives!

  15. Kaydeon | 5th Feb 18

    This is a very inspired me keep it up

    • | 5th Feb 18

      Thanks so much!

  16. Erika | 5th Feb 18

    This was an excellent read.

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    Wow! This is so much great info!

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      Thanks so much Ashley.

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    Entrepreneurs need self help books just like they need to find themselves self-motivating in facing the dynamics of entrepreneurship world..

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      Oh yes!

  19. Dee Jackson | 6th Feb 18

    Oh wow. This is such a great resource. I love how personalized everything is.

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      I absolutely love it!

  20. Charlene Anestis | 6th Feb 18

    This is a great guide to this book and a good reminder for me to get some tools to make sure all of my choices are aligned with my strengths in mind! Thank you!

    • | 6th Feb 18

      You bet! I’m glad it could give you a little inspiration!

  21. Cori - Sweet Coralice | 6th Feb 18

    Now I’m wondering if my strengths are true or if I’m needing to get updated and on track with them. This book sounds like a it helps us do just that!

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