Trick Your Brain into Saving Money. Grow Wealth and Master Your Mindset

Working to save money can be a hard feat to overcome. There are negative money mindsets that could have been stuck in your brain since you were a kid. The good news is there, are ways that you can trick your brain into saving more money while you master a healthy money mindset. Let’s chat about some of the ways you can trick yourself into building wealth and how you can retrain your brain so saving money becomes easier and easier.

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The savings struggle

There are a number of reasons you might be struggling to save money, but here are some of the top struggles for most people:

  • Crippling debt
  • Living above your means
  • Your mindset stinks

A lot of times people are quick to blame their circumstances for the lack of savings, but in most cases we are responsible for our circumstances and a negative money mindset has a lot to do with it.

Negative money mindsets

Negative money mindsets are a constant battle for most people and a lot of them were engrained in our brains when we were just kids. We heard that “making money is hard,” “money doesn’t buy happiness,” or “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

What all of these phrases have in common is basically telling our brain that money is tough. It’s hard.

In reality, money is nothing more than a tool and yes, it actually can improve happiness!

So what can you do to take back this fear you have of an inanimate object?

Money Does Buy Happiness If You Spend It the Right Way

How to flip your brain

There are several ways that you can work to flip your negative money thoughts and by practicing money affirmations to improve how your brain thinks about and percieves money.

My best recommendation, however, to change your life and your mindset is to stop avoiding the problem to begin with.

Facing your budget

My top 2 recommendations are to write out a list of 5 things you want the most in life and then check your past 3 months of spending to see if it lines up.

Too many people claim they want one life but their spending habits keep them stuck in another life.

Affirmations can work to change your money mindset, but finding ways to actually bring money back into your life right away is even more helpful!

Where do you find money the fastest? Instead of looking at your small purchases like coffee or shopping, try taking a peek at your consistent monthly spending. Do you have a cable bill that’s costing you $100 or more per month? A phone bill that is over-the-top?

Finding major wasted spending in your monthly budget is the first step to getting money back in your pocket quickly!

Make savings automatic

The next step after eliminated wasteful spending is to set up an automatic savings plan. When you start treating your savings like a bill payment, you stop stressing over it so much. It’s just something has to be paid.

Three ways to make automatic savings super easy:

  • Set up an “off-shore” savings account
  • Open an account that pays you to save
  • Automate recurring monthly deposits

The Savings Builder at CITBank is a perfect account for people who are just beginning to save automatically.

With the Savings Builder account, you will get an interest rate that is 5 times the national average, be able to set up automatic transfers from your regular bank AND in order to keep getting the best possible interest rate you have to deposit at least $100 per month!

This is a great starter savings because $100 isn’t a lot of money and yet it forces you to begin making healthier savings choices.

Apply for the Savings Builder online.

Make spending selfish

Like I said, one of the best ways to help you manage money better is to get clear about how you actually want to spend your money.

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Invest in wealth-building help

If you have no idea where to even begin when it comes to managing your money, start looking into books, courses and coaching that can help you master your money mindset and change your financial future.

Financial Courses

Financial Books

Practice gratitude daily

When you have laid out the areas of life where spending money is most important to you, practicing gratitude every day will help you keep your eyes focused on what you really want.

It can be so easy to get distracted by ads, social media or our own impulses when it comes to spending money. Gratitude helps slow the brain and keep you thankful for what you already have so you are not always craving the next best thing.

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