Learn 11 sneaky ways to help yourself save money during Covid-19. These tips work even when everyone else around has gone totally insane.

Save Money During Covid-19: 11 Little Ways to Save More Money

Everyone is telling you to save money these days. Even me. Read about 3 BIG ways to leverage Covid-19 to save more money. But today what I want to share with you are 11 little ways that you can help yourself save more money right now during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Designate savings first

If you first take the time to designate a savings deposit each month, it can instantly give you peace of mind when it comes to the rest of your spending. Knowing that you have instantly put money toward savings allows you to breathe a little more when you do feel like spending.

You can set up automatic savings withdraws online with the Savings Builder savings account through CIT bank and earn their highest paying interest rate. This way you’ll have an account separate from your checking account and you’ll earn interest on the money you save! Click here to open a savings account.

Decide first what carefree spending you want to do

We all have things that we like to spend on that bring us joy. So before you let yourself get swept away. (Trust me, I’m a recovering shopaholic…I totally get it.) Make a pre-approved spending plan for yourself.

What are the areas of life that you want to spend? Is it getting take out from your favorite restaurant to help support them during this time? Figure out how much that is going to cost you to do each week and then make that a priority.

Buy what you need then stay home

When going to the grocery store, try not to see everyone else in a panic and then go into a panic yourself. If they don’t have toilet paper, grab some napkins and know that you will be ok.

It’s weirdly human nature to hoard when we see other people hoarding but that can be destructive to your budget. Just keep your head down, get what things you need, try to be conscious of your spending and then get the heck outta there!

Cancel free memberships

There are going to be a lot of free memberships coming at you during the next month or so. That’s great. Take full advantage. Just make sure to cancel the ones you’ve decided you don’t want before your trial is up.

Nothing is worse than paying for a “free membership” for 6 months without realizing it. By then, you’ll be $100 pooer and have nothing to show for it.

Avoid letting these memberships renew by keeping a calendar of when you subscribe and then set a reminder for when the trial ends so you can be sure to cancel it before you get charged.

Learn 11 sneaky ways to help yourself save money during Covid-19. These tips work even when everyone else around has gone totally insane.

Avoid lifestyle influencers

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting help with what to wear as much as the next gal, but lifestyle influencers can be dangerous right now when we’re sitting at home with nothing better to do but online shop.

Try the week-long pause on items you feel like you want. If you keep thinking about one thing for an entire week, give yourself permission to make the purchase if you have the funds. If you find that you’ve gotten distracted by 18 other things, maybe it’s time to just take a break from social media for a while.

Shift your budgeting priorities

I created an IGTV video all about shifting your budget during Covid-19. Because life has done a 180 for most of us, there is nothing wrong with giving your spending a temporary 180 makeover as well. Watch the full IGTV video here.

Get back unused expenses

Anything that you paid for that you aren’t going to be able to do — make sure you take the steps to get reimbursed right now. Things like:

  • Airline travel
  • Hotels
  • Tickets
  • Memberships

Whatever you paid for in advance, go through the process of getting your refuned!


Swap paid subscriptions for free ones

There are going to be a ton of free subscriptions or streaming services available during Covid-19!! Take the time to check out these new things and save yourself some cash by canceling any of your similar current services. Check out this complete. list of streaming deals.

Still budget for out to eat expenses

If you think you’re off the hook for out to eat expenses, I say, still, give yourself some leeway. Maybe that means buying more frozen pizzas or instant meals or maybe it means deciding to support your favorite local restaurants that you don’t want to see go out of business.

Try decluttering instead

Feel bored and want more money? Go through your old stuff and start finding places to sell them! One of my favorite places to sell old stuff is on Mercari –, especially for electronics. You can make sales pretty quickly even on old electronics that you had forgotten about!

Start using that thing you’re saving for “someday”

Another boredum buster is actually taking the time to use the crap you have stored up in your house. Maybe it’s that cookie press that was your great-great grandma’s that you hang onto out of guilt. Bust it out and start making some cookies!

Before you start turning to new things to fill your quarantine sized void, look for the items that you currently have that are just sitting around collecting dust!

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Learn 11 sneaky ways to help yourself save money during Covid-19. These tips work even when everyone else around has gone totally insane.
How to save money during Covid-19

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  1. Great tips! After I read this, it reminded me to cancel 2 Prime Video subscriptions that haven’t been used in 2 months = $20.98/month. I cancelled a trip that my husband and son were supposed to go on. $1,350 back to credit card. Since I pay my cc’s in full, I can use this credit to pay for my upcoming car and homeowners insurance…then that earmarked money can sit in my CIT account (never knew of this bank until I found you…thank you!). I went one step forward, and put in an appeal to my community college for a class that I am taking…they charge more to attend a class, than to take it online. Well, since COVID-19 pushed us to online only, I asked them for a pro-rated difference in fees, since I was no longer attending in a physical classroom setting. I will be getting back $129.50. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO. Thanks for the tips and reminders! Stay happy, healthy and safe!

    1. DANG! I am so proud of you! What an amazing win! I’m so glad I could lend a few tips and that you know how to ask for what you want! ??????

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