Total Guide to Help You Save Over $1,000 Fast for an Emergency Fund

Currently, in America, 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account. This number is astounding and really not ok. One of the biggest things to remember in life if that unexpected things always come up and the last thing you want is to be totally blindsided by an emergency. When emergencies arise many people rely on credit cards to get them through. In the long run, people end up paying more money in interest and make it more difficult for themselves to get ahead. If you are finally ready to break the cycle and get an emergency fund saved, follow the next ___ steps to save $1,000 fast.

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$1,000 emergencies

Before we dive into how to save $1,000 fast, how about a quick reminder as to how beneficial it is to have.

Here are some common emergencies that cost an average of $1,000:

These reasons and so many more are why it is crucial for you to build an emergency fund and build it fast.

Depending on your current budgeting habits and earnings, how to save $1,000 fast will look a little different for everyone. However, if you follow the following steps you are guaranteed to find the extra money you need to start building a secure savings account.

Dissect your budget

The first place to start finding money is by looking at your spending for the last few months. Going through your budget will more often than not prove to lead to a lot of places where you are spending unnecessary money that could be used to save $1,000 fast.

Budget Breakdown:

Get a Budget Breakdown Printout to help you organize and visualize your spending. Now, get your bank statements ready and go through your spending for last month. Write down your spending in the following areas:

  • Purchases under $20
    • Things like coffee and drive-thrus.
  • “Fun” Purchases
    • Any fun expenses like a night out, drinks, new clothes etc.
  • Grocery costs
    • Add up the total spent on grocery store purchases.
  • Unnecessary bills
    • This is items like cable TV, streaming memberships etc.

Once you have gone through and written down all your purchases in these areas, it’s time to add them all up for the grand total.

Purchases Under $20

It’s safe to say that the amount spent in the Purchases Under $20 category could easily go toward an emergency fund next month.

“Fun” Purchases

While it is absolutely necessary to leave some money for fun in your life, chances are you probably went a little over-board. How much money could you set aside to budget for in the “fun” category next month?

Grocery costs

A great rule when it comes to grocery expenses is to budget $125 per family member. So if you have a family of 5, this would give you $600 to put toward groceries each month. Need more help? See how our family of 5 spends $100 per week on groceries.

Unnecessary bills

This is one major area most people start digging their heels in. They need their cable TV. My argument would be that you need an emergency fund. Especially if you have kids. 

Simple ways to reduce your monthly bills

There are several practical ways that you can begin to reduce monthly bills that will help you save $1,000 fast. Here are some of the most common areas where families can start saving:

You’re bills are too much

If you think you’re paying too much for a certain bill each month, why not shop around and see if there is a better discount or promotion that you’re not aware of. This could be at a different company or maybe even within your same company. 

Doing the research for this could be a pain, that’s why there are companies like Trim that are willing to do the work for you. The Trim app will analyze your spending, look at your recurring monthly bills and then begin looking for areas where you might be paying too much. Trim will share potential discounts with you and even make all the necessary arrangements for you! Download the Trim app.

Your phone bill is too high

The average cell phone bill is currently hovering around $80 per month for one person. What if you could reduce that amount by over $50? There is a new phone company called Ting that works with a wide variety of phones and the average cost for one person is only $25 per month!

Ting works differently than most phone companies because they don’t lock you into a pre-made plan. With Ting, you get to choose your usage…which means you control how much you pay. Learn more about Ting.

Your cable bill is killing you

Seriously. Cable. It’s expensive and soon to be a thing of the past. Have you ever considered switching to a digital antenna? Doing this could literally save you $1,000 on its own! The best part is, there are certain companies like Mohu, that allow you to get the entire house set up with digital antennas, so you get TV in every room.

You’re paying too much for pet supplies

This is a commonly overlooked area among pet owners. If you only have one cat and are spending around $6 per month on food, then you’re probably doing ok. However, if you have several pets that require a lot of food, litter, treats and/or other treatments, it might be worth it to consider signing up for Chewy

Chewy is an online ordering system that saves you big money when it comes to ordering pet supplies. If your order totals $50, you also get free shipping. Considering the fact that the average person spends $126 per month on their pets, it might be worth it if you can reduce this major expense. 

You’re a grocery store over-spender

We’ve all heard that shopping without a plan is asking for trouble. Shopping while hungry is even bigger trouble. How can you avoid both of these?

Pay $5 for a meal plan and budgeted grocery list.

Make a list yourself and have someone else buy it so you’re not tempted to over-spend.

The $5 Meal Plan

The $5 Meal Plan was a genius idea created by a busy mother of 4. She has a huge variety of grocery and meal plans to fit your budget so you don’t have to do any of the planning! Learn more.

Personal grocery shopper

While there is an added expense to hiring a personal grocery shopper, if you are already over-spending in your grocery budget each month, it could be worth it! You can plan out your list ahead of time and get delivered ONLY what you need. Try Instacart or Shipt.

Treat your savings like a bill payment

Another great way to start saving more money is to schedule savings just like you would schedule a bill. This doesn’t even have to be large amounts. 

The first thing you want to do is find a savings account that pays you! After that set up recurring monthly payments for at least $100. There are accounts like the Savings Builder that will pay you 2.45% in compounding interest if you commit to only $100 per month! That’s huge!

Planning your savings just like it was a bill is a great idea because you are putting yourself first! Don’t give everyone else your money and then leave nothing for yourself. You work too hard for that.

Side hustle

It is easier than ever in this day and age to make extra cash whenever you need it. If you are determined to save $1,000 fast and/or pay off your debt, then sometimes a side hustle is the best way to get you there faster.

The best part is that there are so many side hustles these days that you can do from home and/or on your own schedule. That means if there is a day you can’t work, you just don’t. If you need to work around a full-time job’s schedule, you can.

Check out these flexible side hustles:

  • Airbnb – Did you know you can host your entire home on Airbnb or just a single room! Check the Airbnb calculator to see how much you could be making in your area. You choose when you host and when you don’t so you still get to be in control of your life and schedule.
  • Sell on Amazon – Are you great at bargain shopping or using coupons? Then you will probably love this job. You can buy items at a discount and then sell them for more on Amazon. (Although this does require some money for start-up costs) Learn more about how to create a successful AmazonFBA business
  • Teach English online – For these jobs, you do have to have a consistent schedule, but you will be able to choose your own hours. Here are some of the top recommended programs for teaching English online.
  • Uber – Honestly, Uber is probably one of the best ways to make extra money on your terms. You can get paid up to 5 times per day and are completely in charge of when you work and how often.
  • Dog sit or dog walk – You can get paid to be a dog walker or a dog sitter and the best part, people come to you! No need to put up flyers or market yourself. With Rover, all you have to do is set up a profile and let local people in your area find you.

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Looking to save $1,000 fast and build your emergency fund? It doesn't have to be hard. Use this complete guide to help you build an emergency fund fast.


  1. Brandee Miller | 7th Dec 17

    Thank you for your post. I had just started thinking about selling plasma. Also focusing on a goal will be crucial to sticking with a plan.

    • | 7th Dec 17

      Selling plasma isn’t something I’ve done but I know a ton of people who do! I mean…if you don’t mind and you can make some extra cash…may as well!

  2. Laura @ The Mindful Mom Blographer | 7th Dec 17

    Great post with lots of tips and resources! Having goals for your money is so important, otherwise, like you mention, it is so easy to lose track of where it is going. Paying down debt is definitely something my husband and I are working on, and I will be checking out the Brightpeak course and some of the other resources!

    • | 7th Dec 17

      Absolutely! I signed up for their $500 savings in one week plan and am already loving what I’m seeing. Just some more ideas I hadn’t thought of before!

  3. Devin williams | 7th Dec 17

    Fantastic post! It’s so hard to save money! This is motivation for me to actually do something now.I’m tired of debt. Thanks

    • | 7th Dec 17

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!!

  4. roamy | 7th Dec 17

    This is a brilliant post I`m reading just at the right time as I`m planning on reducing my working hours as from January.Now reducing my work hours does not mean I want to go without essentials, I just need to use my money wisely and this post is a real eye opener.Thanks so much for sharing.

    • | 7th Dec 17

      Absolutely! You can do this! I hope you enjoy the extra freedom!

  5. Angie | 7th Dec 17

    Great read. You are right, downsizing is a great way to save money. I can’t imagine if we had all the extras that a lot of people think are necessities. (Cable, expensive cell phone plans, etc.) We have gotten ourselves out of debt (aside from student loans, stupid things, long story lol) by only buying items we can buy with cash. If we want something we save for it, if we don’t have the money for exactly what we want, but need something (a different car for example) we will lower our standards a bit as everything is temporary. All great information, staying up til 1am was well worth it. 😉

    • | 7th Dec 17

      Same here! We currently have a stainless steel microwave…and that’s it. HAHA The extra $3,000 for matching appliances just didn’t seem necessary!

  6. Sara @ Gathering Dreams | 7th Dec 17

    Great tips! I didn’t know you could sell Plasma!
    I need to check out how that works!
    I agree that paying off debt is crucial, we have only our mortgage left, and we are making overpayments every month! We hope to be debt free in a couple of years. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    • | 7th Dec 17

      That is so awesome!! We are very close to being right there with you! I can’t wait!

  7. Emily | 8th Dec 17

    This is great and very insightful!! Although it is hard to go against the norm at times….LESS IS MORE! We need to instill this idea in our kids as well! The average debt stat you stated is amazing and living with that hanging over your head could/would cause so much anxiety! Thanks for sharing this post….word we should all be thinking about!!??

    • | 8th Dec 17

      Thanks so much Emily! I’m hoping my kids learn this life lesson early!! Definitely!

  8. Zach @ Four Pillar Freedom | 10th Dec 17

    Living below your means is by far the best way to save a huge chunk of money each month. It’s especially impressive that you’re able to save so much with a family. Congrats on the financial progress 🙂

    • | 10th Dec 17

      Thanks so much! It has been well worth the effort!

  9. Rawlings sunday | 13th Dec 17

    Live below your means and cutting down expenses and creating budget by knowing what is going in and out which helps you plan your finance well. Thanks for this great insight.

    • | 13th Dec 17

      Thank you so much!

  10. Bonnibelle | 14th Dec 17

    These are awesome tips! I attempt to keep track mentally but am always startled when I check my bank statements lol. I need to create a budget yesterday.

    • | 14th Dec 17

      Well, I hope you can get started and find major success! It’s truly life changing.

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