5 safest places to travel during the coronavirus pandemic

Top 5 Safest Destinations to Travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic

After months of confinement and chaos, several countries across Europe have successfully come out of the coronavirus crisis. Consequently, these countries are opening borders, lifting travel bans, and welcoming travelers from across the world with open arms. 

In their bid to ensure safe travel for visitors, these countries are implementing a myriad of hygiene practices. Innovative concepts like air bridges, holiday corridors, etc. are helping relief-seeking travelers to enjoy a good summer holiday with their peers. 

In this post, we will talk about the top 5 destinations that are safe to travel to during this global pandemic. We will also talk about what safety measures are being taken in these countries to ensure travelers’ wellbeing. 

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Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia is one of the safest places to travel during this ongoing pandemic. Straight out of a Gothic fairytale, this gorgeous city with a pristine valley and eclectic architecture will help you unwind and rejuvenate yourself amidst these trying times. 

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Georgia has been very proactive in handling COVID from the very start. As a result, the country reported 260 times fewer cases than most other affected European nations. The country opened its borders on the 1st of July after reinforcing strict health measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

The beating heart of Georgia, Tbilisi, is best known for its hipster culture and picturesque setting. The Old Town featuring vibrantly colored towers and cobbled streets is reminiscent of ancient Eurasian crossroads. The buildings’ architecture is a seamless blend of neoclassical, middle ages, Soviet, and contemporary. 

The beautiful destination is replete with luxury 5-star properties and small boutique hotels, guest houses, and tourist apartments. 

Main spots of tourist attraction: Narikala Fortress, Shardeni Street, Rustaveli Avenue, Freedom Square, Agmashenebeli Avenue, Dry Bridge, and Art Museum of Georgia. 

Additional Information: No quarantine requested. 


Cavtat is an old town village, located 20 km south of Dubrovnik. The gorgeous place dates from the 15th and 16th century and showcases the beautiful culture of Croatia. 

Croatia is one of the safest European countries, least affected by coronavirus. The country reacted swiftly and was able to contain the number of cases to a very low total. Only after the first case, Croatia imposed stringent health checks at all border crossings. Resultantly, the country was able to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

One of the most charming destinations on the Adriatic Coast, Cavtat promises stunning beach promenades, a plethora of recreational sports and ethnic programs. The town offers a lot in terms of scenery, rich cultural and historical heritage. 

Reaching Cavtat is pretty straightforward. You can hire a cab with roof rack storage from Dubrovnik and reach your destination easily. Alternatively, you can take a boat from the Dubrovnik port.

Main spots of tourist attraction: The House of Vlaho Bukovac, Racic Museum, Our Lady of Snow Monastery, and Konavle County Museum.

Additional Information: No quarantine requested. 


The famous Greek island is the ideal destination for relaxing and having a good time after this traumatic period. Greece is another country least affected by this pandemic. Also, the country’s health infrastructure is pretty good and has never been overloaded during this crisis. 

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From verdant green stretches to magnificent mansions and from romantic Corfu beaches to interesting museums, Corfu has everything it takes to please all types of travelers. Located in the north of the Ionian Sea, the island is influenced by the French, the Venetians, and the English. Consequently, it has an undeniable pluralistic, multicultural charm. 

Corfu is particularly famous for its food. You can find a myriad of restaurants, cafes, and traditional taverns to indulge in local delicacies. 

Main spots of tourist attraction: Achillion Palace, Agni Bay, Cape Drastis, Old Town (Kerkyra), and Pontikonisi Island. 

Additional Information: No quarantine requested. 

Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands in Portugal is one of the safest destinations that reported zero deaths linked to Coronavirus. Portugal also managed the COVID-19 crisis pretty well, with up to 40 times fewer people sick than anywhere else in Europe. 

One of the most awarded destinations by travelers, Madeira is best known for its all-year-round spring-like climate. The island’s dramatic natural scenery, expanses of tropical forests, towering mountains, and an incredible range of flora and fauna will leave you spellbound. 

It is a great destination for adventure enthusiasts as the place offers several hiking opportunities. A long list of world-class hotels and famous restaurants serving gourmet cuisine will enhance the delight of your trip. 

Main spots of tourist attraction: Levada Walks, Pico do Arieiro, Sao Vicente Caves, Porto Santo, Porto Moniz Natural Pools, and Monte Palace Tropical Garden.

Additional Information: No quarantine requested. 


Sibiu in Romania is another historical destination in Transylvania, northwest of Bucharest. Known for its diverse culture, stunning architecture, intriguing history, and gastronomy, this destination is popular amongst all kinds of travelers. 

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The city is a paradise for history buffs who can explore the countless historic and medieval attractions. The pedestrian-friendly city with its open squares, towers, stone wall defenses, and centuries-old buildings offers a lot to explore. 

Sibiu is also one of the safest places to travel during the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to the country’s strict efforts in the very beginning. There were 15 times fewer cases in Romania than the rest of Europe. Because the spread of the virus was contained, the country lifted all travel bans on the 1st of July. 

Main spots of tourist attraction: Piata Mare, Brukenthal Museum, Strada Nicolae Bălcescu, Piata Mica, and Pharmacy Museum.

Additional Information: No quarantine requested. 

Wrapping Up

This is our roundup of the top 5 places you can safely visit during this ongoing pandemic. Make sure to take the necessary precautions like wearing the mask and social distancing to ensure complete safety. Avoid traveling if your health is poor.

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5 safest places to travel during the coronavirus pandemic

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