Get 10 practical, easy to execute tips that will help you reduce your phone bill every month and save you hundreds each year!

10 Ways to Reduce Your Phone Bill Up To $500 Per Year

Phones are everywhere these days. Older generations may tease that we spend too much time on them but don’t realize just how much we need them to survive. Our phones are our calendars, email, banks, music, cameras and all-around communication with the outside world. There is no doubt we need our phones for survival in this day and age, but it doesn’t have to cost you nearly as much as you think it does! We reduced our phone bill by $20 a month recently ($240 per year), only using some of these tips to reduce your phone bill that I’m about to share with you.

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Check for employer reimbursement

Thankfully, Tom is able to have a phone through work that he can use as both work and personal. Unfortunately, he learned this right around the time we were ready to let our little ones start using a phone. (Facepalm). I guess you could argue we saved the cost of paying for 4th phone though.

Look into what your work may potentially offer when it comes to phone plans. You may be able to get yours completely paid for through them or reap some significant discounts with certain carriers!

Pay for what you use

Most phone companies these days bundle your packages for you and then slap a price sticker on.

But what if you don’t really need everything they’ve bundled? With companies like Tello you get to choose how much data, talk and text you use which keeps your phone payment significantly lower!

Set up auto-pay

Having 3 phone lines, we were able to save $5 per line ($15 per month = $180 per year) just by switching to auto-pay.

Most phone companies (and other companies, too) offer this nice little perk! If you’re tracking your budget each month, having a phone bill set up on autopay could save you money and might actually make your life a little easier!

In order to sign up for auto-pay, I decided to pay our phone bill with our credit card instead. This way I could pay off the card at the beginning of the month and score us more cash-back points with credit card hacking!

Get 10 practical, easy to execute tips that will help you reduce your phone bill every month and save you hundreds each year!
We saved $5 per line with auto payments, plus we’re able to get more cash-back reward points on our credit cards.

Cancel the “frills”

Take the time to go through your current phone plan and pay attention to any “add-ons” you might have. Pay attention to any perks you might be paying for that you really don’t need.

Sign up with a friend

If you’re single, you might be able to get a better phone plan if you sign up with a friend. Not only might you get great introductory offers but you could also flip the bill together and reduce both of your monthly expenses.

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Avoid the latest

Hey there, you might not know it but this post is being written by the proud owner of an iPhone 6. Yup. And you know what? I’m doing just fine.

Although it can be tempting to get in on the latest and greatest in phone technology, I encourage you, if your phone is still in great working condition, avoid the temptation and keep rocking your current model.

Use your negotiation techniques

Whether you are just signing up with a new phone company or have been with your current phone provider for a while, you just might have some serious pull in negotiating a better price for yourself!

Snag my Maximize Your Negotiations scripts totally FREE. These are some of the best word-for-word negotiation techniques on the internet. All designed to help you cut costs and get the absolute best price possible!

Skip the insurance

Insurance is really something you shouldn’t require on your phone, especially if you have a solid savings in place.

I say, get the Otter-Box and stash the money you would paying toward insurance to go toward any future repairs or upgrades you may need!

Avoid phone payment plans

Like I said, a good savings plan can go a long way. If you’re constantly upgrading your phone with the latest trends, it’s going to cost you. More than that, if you’re paying for these phones on a payment plan it can cost you around $500 per year in some cases!

Instead, build a solid savings so you can pay for that upgrade in cash!

Watch your data use

Your data plan can easily suck your money if you’re not careful.

Try to connect to WiFi as often as possible to avoid data charges and make sure that you are turning off data on apps that you aren’t currently using.

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