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Handy savings apps

Cash App

I use the CashApp debit card for my fun money every month. This way I have all of my fun spending put on one card and it makes it really easy to keep track of my balance. Get $5 Free to Start

Money for Kids

Boss Club

Boss Club is an online course that teaches kids how to be entrepreneurs. This is perfect for a homeschool curriculum or for kids who really love the idea of making money on their own!

Use code: RENEEBENES to save 10%!

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Decluttering Tools


GadgetGone is an online resource where you can send used electronics and get paid the day that they arrive! This is perfect for decluttering outdated or broken electronics and still getting paid for them! Get started.

Real Estate


If you are hoping to refinance your home or take out a home equity line of credit, LendingTree has tons of options. These can be great if you are hoping to get into flipping houses or starting up a short-term rental biz! Get a quote.

Investing for beginners


If you really want to start investing, but the idea of getting started feels really overwhelming to you, Acorns is a great place to get started. I spent so much time just thinking about investing, when I could have been making money with small monthly deposits every month! Get $5 to start

Additional Resources:

The Millionaire Investor

The 12 module signature course from self-made millionaire, Nicole Victoria, designed to teach you everything you need to know about investing.

The Best Savings Accounts

Savings Connect

The Savings Builder account through CITBank is another good way to keep savings separate from your checking. Get their highest savings rate when you save just $100 per month! Open a Savings Connect.

Entrepreneur Tools


If you are running your own small business, having QuickBooks connected to your account makes managing your money, tracking your expenses and even paying your taxes way easier (and automatic). Click here to get 6 months 50% off!



Aaptiv is an awesome fitness app that you can take to the gym or use at home! If you want to practice mediation, weight training or even get coaching for a marathon, Aaptiv has all of these options available in one place! Get your first month free! 

Reduce your monthly bills


If you are someone who barely uses your phone and would love to save some money, you can get a Tello phone plan for as little as $10 per month! Learn more.


Ting Mobile is a phone company that allows you to get started quickly with a phone plan and can reduce your current monthly bill by OVER half. Try Ting now.


Cushion helps monitor fees on your accounts and gets you refunds where necessary so you aren’t paying more money than you should! See where you could be saving.

Everyday Life Insurance

Life insurance plans starting as low as $4 per month. Average cost: $15 Use the calculator



If you are already swamped with life, work, family or all of the above, it’s easier than ever to get groceries sent your way with Instacart! (One less thing on the to-do list!) Get $10 off your first Instacart order.

Making Money On Your Own Terms


Whether you want to rent a room, rent your house part time or open a short-term rental business or start hosting events in your area, you can make a killing on Airbnb! Check the Airbnb calculator to see how much you can make each month!

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This wife retired her husband and started making $100,000 per year by learning to re-sell items on Amazon! Get their FREE guide to getting started.

Etsy Printables

Free workshop on how to sell printables on Etsy. How to get ideas, start an Etsy and how to actually make sales.


If you love the idea of making some extra cash during your free time, you can easily get started delivering groceries in your area with Instacart Learn more!

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Watching dogs has been my absolute favorite side hustle! Through the Rover app I was able to start dog sitting in just a few days! Sign up to be a dog sitter!

Additional Resources


If you have knowledge on a topic or particular skill set you could be teaching to others, you could start making major passive income by creating your own online course Start for free on Teachable

Trash to Cash

Selling your old items or learning to flip items from thrift stores can be a great way to start earning additional income on the side and this course teaches you everything you need to get started! Learn more!

Additional Resources


My future son-in-law had major success being an Uber driver while also getting through school. This can be a perfect way to supplement your income and you can pick and choose when you work! Learn more. 


Weebly is an online easy-to-use website builder that allows you to connect and create an eCommerce site so you can begin to sell items online. This is perfect if you are a crafty person with products to sell! Get started for free


If you love the idea of running your online business with everything in one spot, you have definitely got to check out Kajabi! You can host online trainings, courses, webinars, and coaching services all in one spot!! Get a 2 week free trial!

Affordable Food

$5 Meal Plan

A busy mom of 4 wanted to make meal prepping and staying on budget easier for other families, so she put together The $5 Meal Plan! You can get customized meal plans plus shopping lists that will help you eat well and stay on budget! Get 2 weeks free!


If you love the idea of eating amazing, good tasting food but don’t always have the time or resources to go out to eat, Gobble is an amazing service that brings gourmet meals right to your doorstep! Make yummy meals in just 15 minutes!



When I first decided to start my blog, I used BlueHost to get started because it cost less than $3 per month to start! Start your blog for less than $3

Additional Resources


Email marketing can be a great way to get started making passive income from your online courses, products or services! I have been using ConvertKit for the last few years and I love it because I can create landing pages and sales funnels all in one place! Get started for free!


SiteGround is my current hosting service for the blog and has amazing customer service (that I really need!!) Get a 30 Day Trial.


Tailwind helps me schedule my Pinterest pins each week so that I have more free time to focus on other areas of my business. You can now use it to schedule on Instagram as well! Start for free!

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

This is a course from a successful 7 figure blogger that teaches you how to start increasing your affiliate marketing sales on your blog! Learn more here.



Whenever we can, our family tries to find Airbnbs to stay in when we travel so that we can still feel like we are at home and we can save money by making our own meals instead of always going out to eat! Get $40 off your Airbnb 


If you are a wannabe RVer like my family, RVShare is a great way to try out RV life — plus you’re renting from a family who is trying to make some extra cash with their RV!! Find an RV near you.

Additional Resources:

Affiliate Marketing


Awin is a company that gets you set up with companies that have affiliate programs so that you can start earning commission on stuff that you like and brands you support. Sign up now

Share A Sale

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing Share A Sale is a really fast and easy way to get started finding companies and brands that you want to promote! Sign up now

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

The creator of this course, Michelle is easily earning 6 figures PER MONTH with her blog largely through affiliate marketing. This was the first course I took in learning how effectively make money with affiliate links on my blog, social media, and email.  Check out the course!


Pinteresting Strategies

If you like the idea of making money running someone else’s Pinterest, or more effectively managing your own, the course, Pinteresting Strategies gives some great tips on how to increase traffic and start making more sales! See the course.