Ready to jump into fall with every pumpkin recipe you can get your hands on? Don't miss these breakfast, dinner & dessert pumpkin recipes!

Ultimate Pumpkin Recipe Guide for Fall: 30 Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert Recipes!

Confession: I am not a pumpkin spice latte obsessed lady. That doesn’t mean I am not a sucker for a good pumpkin recipe. In the name of variety (and pumpkin), I decided to compile a grand list of recipes that are all pumpkin-filled deliciousness. Ranging from easy-to-make pumpkin breakfast bites all the way to pumpkin pastas! Who knew? The best thing about pumpkin is it can go from savory to sweet with a simple change of the spices and both options are absolutely ahhhmazing! So, without further ado, (I doubt you’re still reading anyway), I give you 30 pumpkin recipes for fall…

Pumpkin Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know there is some debate on that these days actually, but I kind of feel like when you add pumpkin to the mix it’s pretty hard to argue with the fact that we all at least WANT to indulge in a good breakfast, especially as the leaves change and the weather gets a little chillier.

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Bowl

If you are a healthier eater but are still dying for a way to add some pumpkin to your breakfast, this powerful pumpkin pie yogurt bowl will definitely do the trick. The recipe comes from Eating Bird Food who after scouring the internet for pumpkin recipes I have deemed The Queen of Pumpkin Breakfasts! Her website is literally jam-packed with a plethora of ways to pumpkin your morning! (Don’t worry, I’ve added a few more of hers to the roster.)

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    Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

    I am a sucker for the easiness of overnight oats! They are so great for meal prepping especially if you are someone who always seems to be on-the-go in the morning. Maybe making these Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats means you get a taste of fall during your drive to work (actually, scratch that — that’s kind of a two handed job), or at your desk as you slowly start your day in a delicious way. However you choose to indulge your taste buds, that’s up to you, but these overnight oats from Eating Bird Food should definitely be your go-to breakfast on-the-go for fall.

    Pumpkin French Toast Bake

    I am fairly certain this recipe actually made me drool just by looking at the pictures. This Pumpkin French Toast Bake from Minimalist Baker would be another genius meal prep option or an ideal way to dish out something unique and delicious during any fall brunch get together you may find yourself hosting. French Toast Bakes are already amazing, and when you add in pumpkin… forget about it.

    Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

    Another recipe for the individual on-the-go is the pumpkin pie smoothie. This recipe from Eating Bird Food is such a good way of allowing yourself to feel like you are indulging in a full-blown pumpkin pie while still keeping a light and healthy breakfast routine going. If you are a morning smoothie drinker, it’s definitely time to switch up your go-to smooth routine just for the change of seasons, because before you know it, pumpkin everything will be out and you’ll wish you would have indulged yourself when you had that chance. (I’m kidding of course, eat pumpkin whenever you want. Who needs hype?)

    Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

    I am a sucker for a good post-workout protein pancake and these pumpkin ones from Dishing Out Health look absolutely amazing.

    Flourless Pumpkin Muffins

    I told you Eating Bird Food was the queen of pumpkin breakfast recipes, right? This flourless adaptation of pumpkin muffins is so great for anyone who might be gluten free or needing to reduce their flour intake! As someone whose family struggles with a variety of dietary restrictions, it’s pretty awesome when you find a standard comfort food breakfast like this that can still fit nicely into your eating plan!

    Blender Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes

    You had me at blender! Any kind of recipe that can be made in a blender is a recipe I want to get my hands on. I’m all down for one bowl recipes, but if I can also just blend it instead of stir (throws hands up in the air) count me in! If you feel as passionately as I do about blender recipes (oh, and being healthy) as I do, these Blender Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes from Hannah Magee RD are sure to do the trick.


    On a quick side note, I have tried a slew of blenders and by far the absolute best one (although it is smaller than some) is the NutriBullet. I have made a variety of recipes using this one simple tool and let me tell you, it is:

    • Fast
    • Effective
    • Low maintenance

    That’s why I added it to my Gold Star Recommendations in my LTK Shop.

    OK…back to the food…

    Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

    Call me crazy but I had no idea that you could make baked oatmeal so that instead of a cozy bowl of oatmeal in the morning, you could simply cut yourself a slice of baked oatmeal. Same amazing taste, easier consumption process! The Natural Nurterer has put together an amazingly yummy recipe that is easy, healthy and contains chocolate, which is the most important!

    No Bake Pumpkin Spice Energy Bites

    No bake recipe? YES, PLEASE! I am all about simple, minimalist recipes and if baking is not required, then I’m pretty sure this recipe is included. These Pumpkin Spice Energy Bites were a toss up between breakfast and dessert because I’m pretty sure they fit the bill for both. Maybe they are a quick-grab breakfast or a post meal treat…even a mid-day pick-me-up (that would be my personal choice). However or whenever you choose to chow down, these little bites of heaven are available on All the Healthy Things!

    Pumpkin Peanut Butter Breakfast Bites

    Pumpkin. Peanut Butter. Both of these things get a big ‘ol stamp of approval from me when it comes to breakfast time treats. The Minimalist Baker slays again with a simple, healthy, delicious meal that is unique and still pulls off all the right flavors! Again, if you are someone looking for a quick-grab breakfast, be sure to add this to your list of breakfast meal preps for fall!

    Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

    I know you are going to take one look at this picture from Minimalist Baker and run directly to the store (or her new line of baking mixes) and scoop up all of the ingredients for these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls — and they are vegan!!

    Ready to jump into fall with every pumpkin recipe you can get your hands on? Don't miss these breakfast, dinner & dessert pumpkin recipes!
    Minimalist Baker – Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

    Lunch and Dinner Pumpkin Recipes

    Seriously, the idea that you could make a yummy, hearty, savory pumpkin dinner still kind of shocks me. I think we are all so adapted to pumpkin spice, pies, cakes and all that jazz that no one pauses to realize it’s actually a great staple to have on hand for other recipes! To be fair, these seem a little more on the dinner option side, but hey, life comes with some pretty loosey-goosey rules when it comes to when you have to eat what, so I say do what makes your tummy happy.

    Pumpkin Yellow Curry

    I can HEAR myself loudly slurping this up to the point I make everyone else at the table uncomfortable. Can’t you? As a born and raised Minnesota girl, let me tell you, when the fall weather hits and the urge for pumpkin kicks in, so does the urge for anything that falls into the category of soups, or stews and I think this pumpkin yellow curry from Minimalist Baker makes it into one of those.

    Homemade Pumpkin Pasta

    This may be one of the more time consuming — or should I say zen-like recipes that are on this list! My dad (rest in peace) taught me to make homemade noodles when I was a kid and I know two things for sure. One: I wish he was still around to help me perfect the art of this. Two: They were the best noodles in the whole wide world. That’s why this recipe from Minimalist Baker gives me extra feels for this time of year! This isn’t pumpkin. pasta like you’ve seen it before — it is quite literally PUMPKIN PASTA! If you are looking for a way to spend a slow lived fall day, this recipe is definitely the way to go.

    Pumpkin Alfredo

    Yup, yup, and yup. Alfredo anything and I’m pretty sure you can convince me to try it! (Except I tried avocado alfredo once and I’m pretty sure it scarred my kids for life — my oldest still brings it up as if I had poisoned her food.) Pumpkin, however, that just seems a little more fitting for a perfect hearty fall pasta recipe, don’t you agree? Yellow Bliss Road clearly knows whats up.

    Pumpkin Black Bean Enchiladas

    Ok, let’s be real, this was the recipe that made me go, “Ya know what, I think I need to create a blog post all about the best pumpkin recipes for fall!” Because…. pumpkin enchiladas? Are you kidding me? Tom and I watched a pin from the Minimalist Baker as she made these delicious enchiladas step by step and Tom went from making a wincing grossed out face to saying, “WHOA! Those look really good.” Yeah — really good and actually healthy too. I have never made enchilada sauce from scratch and now I can’t wait to!

    Vegan Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, if you put pumpkin and pasta in the same sentence, you best believe I am down to tango. I mean, look at this Vegan (VEGAN?) Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shell recipe from Rainbow Plant Life. Tell me you don’t want to skip the fork and knife pleasantries and get right down to business because I sure as hell do.

    Vegan Pumpkin Mac n Cheese

    Staying on the vegan cheesiness train with this Vegan Pumpkin Mac n Cheese recipe from Minimalist Baker. I honestly think I’m going to slip this one into the roster for my kids and see if they jive with this new way of doing an old favorite?

    Creamy Pumpkin and Sausage Gnocchi

    Ahhh. Isn’t this a perfect picture of cold weather fall bliss? Very meat and potatoes meets stereotypical white girl pumpkin obsession. Fox and Briar nailed the ideal fall recipe if ya ask me. What do you think? Those big flakes of parmesan on top? O.M.G.

    Miso Pumpkin Risotto with Crispy Sage

    I have never made risotto a day in my life and now I’ve added it to my MUST HAVES because of this Miso Pumpkin Risotto recipe from Minimalist Baker! The miso pumpkin broth is literally only 3 ingredients (and I just gave you two) and yet I feel like it’s one of the recipes that would make everyone at the table feel like you are an expert chef.


    Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies

    Looking for your standard, go to pumpkin desert recipe for the next 2 months? Look no further than Crazy for Crust and this Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookie recipe! In fact, this was the one I deemed a top priority for my kids and I. Number one because I have all the ingredients and number 2 because oatmeal cookies are my secret favorite cookie and I so badly want to merge that love with pumpkin!

    One Bowl Pumpkin Pie

    One bowl — there is that beautiful, magical phrase that Minimalist Baker is known and loved for. If you are seeking out a basic standard pumpkin pie recipe, look no further, I found the easiest one on the internet and no doubt one of the most delicious as well!

    Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

    Yes, please! Now, full disclosure, these Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles from Crazy for Crust don’t actually contain pumpkin. I know, I feel like I’m kind of breaking the rules, but whatever. If you are down to add a little bit of that pumpkin spiciness to other areas of your life, most definitely start here with these snickerdoodles — plus I feel like because there isn’t technically pumpkin in them, you could probably stretch this recipe straight through to Valentine’s Day and no one would say a word.

    Healthy Pumpkin Oat Cookies

    Ok, I know throwing the word “healthy” around in a dessert recipe sections seems kind of like bringing toothbrushes to a Halloween bowl. But the thing is, there is nothing wrong with trying to indulge a little without jumping totally overboard into the deep end of Sugars-ville. Right? Plus…look at these little chocolate filled devils from Running on Real Food! They look pretty scrumptious if you ask me!

    Pumpkin Spice Magic Cookie Bars

    If you have kids in the house, or know kids who you are going to be required to feed at some point, this is your recipe, OK? Not only are these Pumpkin Spice Magic Cookie Bars from Kara Creates filled with all the fall pumpkin goodness you require, but they have that look that says, “These bad boys are loaded with sugar!” That every kid (and adults) crave.

    Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Bars

    Remember how for that last recipe I said it was perfect for sugar-crazed kids? Well this is that same recipe except for adults who want to get their sugar fix in a more sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing way. There is something about a pretty dessert that seems to make the sugar a little more digestible, wouldn’t you agree? Minimalist Baker slays when it comes to this with these Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Bars.

    Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Tart

    That crust tho? I didn’t know life could be so amazing until I found this Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Tart from The Baker Mama. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words…so just…just look…

    Mini Pumpkin Pie Cups

    If you are a pumpkin pie lover who also loves the idea of having bite-sized pumpkin pie perfectly measured out for you so you can instantly scoop up a dessert without doing that thing where you keep inching your way toward a bigger and bigger piece of pie until you have ultimately justified eating half of an entire pie all to yourself…well, then start with these Mini Pumpkin Pie Cups from Calla’s Clean Eats

    No-Bake Pumpkin Bites

    Ok, we had a no-bake breakfast and now we are adding some no bake amazingness to the wide world of pumpkin desserts. You’re welcome. These No-Bake Pumpkin Bites from Erin Lives Whole are a quick, easy, bake free option for your dessert pleasure.

    Pumpkin Pie Parfait

    Again, we walked the fine line between breakfast and dessert with this Pumpkin Pie Parfait from Minimalist Baker. It’s so tough because while I feel like parfaits fall under the breakfast category, the pictures of this parfait screams indulgence — and yet, there are pecans on top…so at least we’re being healthy about it, right?

    Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

    Last but definitely not least, Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes from Tangled with Taste. I would be boldface lying if I didn’t say that pumpkin cupcakes were my daily habit a few years back and I love that she has found a way to do a unique spin on these cupcakes by using your coffee creamer?! What? So…now you have an excuse to enhance your morning coffee and your evening dessert using the same product. Life is pretty amazing.

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    Ready to jump into fall with every pumpkin recipe you can get your hands on? Don't miss these breakfast, dinner & dessert pumpkin recipes!
    Ready to jump into fall with every pumpkin recipe you can get your hands on? Don't miss these breakfast, dinner & dessert pumpkin recipes!

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