How a Pre-Sale Can Make You Money Before You Create a Digital Product

How a Pre-Sale Can Make You Money Before You Create a Digital Product

Now a lot of people might think it’s a shady-lady move to start selling a product before you even make it. But, let me try to convince you why it’s actually one of the most genius moves to make for you and for your buyers! Here’s the breakdown on how a pre-sale can make you money before you create a product and why it is a genius idea that more digital nomads and online business owners need to be a part of.

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What is a pre-sale?

To put it simply, a pre-sale is a sale that you have before the actual sale. For example, when artists drop a new record, sometimes you get a chance to order on pre-sale!

When you do, you might get a bonus track, savings, or just the knowledge of knowing that you will be the very first person with your hands on this album that so many other people want!

This way the artist is selling copies and building hype before the main product is even released into the wide world. Learn more!

The benefits of a pre-sale

What is so amazing about a pre-sale is that you are given this amazing opportunity to test out a products profitability before you put in the time, money and effort to create it.

Putting an offer into the world and asking for payment before you commit to creation is genius and it’s something that’s relatively new thanks to technology.

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How to know what product to sell

If you have been blogging for a while or have had an online presence, you may have an idea on what types of products or workshops your audience may be wanting from you.

However, if you’re not sure, take the time to poll your people. Ask them questions, get ideas on where they need help, or what areas of expertise you have to offer.

Creating an irresistible offer

Once you have an idea of what your audience is looking for from you, you can start to create an offer. This is how I like to plan my offers:

  • Draft an outline for the product
  • Build a sales page for your product
  • Create free training
  • Decide on an irresistible pre-sale offer

When selling something on pre-sale it’s important to note that because people are putting their faith in you to deliver, you should most definitely be delivering extra content to them and/or giving them a generous discount off the cost of the product or course.

Why free training?

In platforms like Kajabi, you can easily set up free training that works as a sales pipeline.

This way at the end of your free-training you can offer your pre-sale package! Get 28 days free with Kajabi.

Free training is so helpful because people want to trust that you know what in the world you’re talking about. Chances are slim that they are just going to leap in and buy your product without knowing they will gain real knowledge from you.

Creating free training, in a sense, gives people the chance to “date you” before they “marry you.”

Delivering on your promise

Once you have made pre-sales the most important thing for you to do is start creating your product based on the outline you created earlier.

It’s also crucial that you over-deliver. You not only want to always be creating quality content but if you are hoping to snag some amazing reviews from people, then be sure to give them a product that is worth their time and money!

Want to learn more?

I have an awesome training that will walk you through all of the steps on how to create a pre-sale offer!

This could include selling things like:

  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • Other products

If you want to learn more about how to get started click here to join the training.

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How a Pre-Sale Can Make You Money Before You Create a Digital Product

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