Creating a gorgeous plant aesthetic in small space decorating is very doable. Here are 10 decorating tips for any small or minimalist home.

10 Tips for Plant Aesthetic in Small Space Decorating

My brothers gifted me a hand-made table…although I think of it as more of a bench. It fit perfectly under the window in our living room and gave me the perfect opportunity to try owning plants again. Because I enjoy keeping a simple space it has been tough for me to figure out a good plant aesthetic for decorating our small house. This bench seemed like a perfect starting point. As I started researching, I started to find similar trends that other minimalists have used to add plants to their small house decorating without making their spaces feel cluttered. Here are 10 tips for having good plant aesthetic when you are living in a small space.

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Small space. More cash.

Our family of 5 downsized in 2016 and have never looked back! Living in a smaller house has allowed us to pay off debt, travel more, and come closer together. It has truly been the biggest blessing.

One of the best parts of smaller house living is that you are given this amazing opportunity to make a house a home…and plants can really help brighten up your space! Get my 3 tips to learn to love living with less.

Here are some genius ideas from other small space families on how to display your plants even if you don’t have a ton of room

Ladder Shelving

A beautifully styled ladder shelf is perfect when it comes to small house decorating. It works so well because it can stylishly store items like books, pictures or plants without taking up very much space.

Check out this beautifully styled shelving from Connie and Luna. I don’t know that I have the plant-styling ability to create such a beautiful plant aesthetic with so many plants, but they definitely nailed it.

See the full post from Connie and Luna

Other ideas for ladder shelves

Window Rod Plant Hanger

Some plants need a lot of light, right? What better way to get them the sun they need than by putting them smack dab in the middle of a window? This gorgeous plant aesthetic could be especially beneficial if your small space has a less-than-green view.

The plant rod here from Homiku looks like something that was easily made with some hooks, rope and a rod. Perfect for those of you who are good at DIY projects!

See the full post at

Elevated plant stands

Using elevated plant stands to create a nice plant aesthetic in a small space is genius especially for those of us who don’t have side tables or nightstands. These tall plant stands help create the illusion of having a table without actually giving you any additional space to add clutter to!

ELLE Decor has a ton of beautiful indoor plant stands to add a beautiful look to any style home. Like these very light, minimalist stands. It’s a perfect way to add a little burst of nature throughout your small space.

See the full post from ELLE Decor

Other indoor plant stand ideas

Nightstand greenery

You don’t see many plants in bedrooms these days which is unfortunate because a lot of plants offer air detoxifying benefits that would be beneficial in a bedroom.

Homeology talks about this Oldecors plan that is very resiliant and does well in any type of light which makes it pretty perfect for some nightstand plant aesthetic.

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Money trees in empty corners

Yes! This tree is called the Money Tree! How amazing is that? If you know me by now you know I fully believe that wise money management is the key to all your dreams coming true.

Some of my best financial posts:

These trees love lots of light and are great to help add some green to an empty corner in your small space.

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Money trees for cheap

Trees in the window

If you have a great window in your small space that brings in a lot of light, finding a light-loving tree can really help that sunshine pop. This Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Garden Goods Direct is perfect for propping near a large window. Placing the pot in a large basket like this also really adds great plant aesthetic and does a great job of hiding an unattractive pot.

Tucked away greens

This next plan has that same “plant in a basket” look the I love. Instead of putting your plant on display, another great ption for creating great plant aesthetic in a small space is to find little places to add pops of greens.

The plan below from Style Curator does a great job of staying out of the way, it doesn’t take up additional space, yet you still get that fresh plant aesthetic.

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Baskets perfect for plants

Brighten up dark paint

Using dark paint in a small space can be tricky. You might want to use dark colors you love but you don’t want to close in your space too much. A great way to do both is by adding bright plants with white pots in the darkest places. They do a great job brightening up this deep blue corner with this hanging loop.

This gold loop found on Etsy is a gorgeous way to liven up some dark paint while still keeping your small space extra stylish.

Purchase this gold hoop of

Wall mounted plants

When you’re living in a small space, the only option you might have to add pretty plant aesthetic is on the walls. If you don’t want to bulk up the walls with shelving, try cute, minimalist wall pots like these from

These tiny wall mounts would be perfect for plants that require very little effort, like aloe vera, cactus or succulents

See more mounted planters at

A styled plant wall

Some people use art or photos. Why not create a brightening plant aesthetic for your small space decorating by creating a beautifully styled plant wall? I love this white, bright wall by Fit Foodie Finds.

I love the white pots and shelving with a few pops of color. This can be a great, stylish way to get lots of plants for your small space decorating without making things feel too cluttered or chaotic.

See the full post from

Perfect plant wall shelving

Other ideas

What other tips or ideas have you found work great for gorgeous plant aesthetic in your small space decorating? Share in the comments and feel free to drop a photo!

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Creating a gorgeous plant aesthetic in small space decorating is very doable. Here are 10 decorating tips for any small or minimalist home. #smallspacedecorating #smallspaces #minimalisthome #minimalistliving #plantaesthetic #indoorplants

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