The best list of 10 part time jobs to pay off debt. They are quick start and you can set your own hours. Work when you can and increase your debt payoff.

10 Flexible Part Time Jobs to Pay Off Debt. Work When You Want and Earn Big.

There are so many ways to make additional money on your own schedule it’s insane. The sad thing is, not many people are aware of how many opportunities are out there or how easy they are to start. If you are paying off debt, there are so many additional part-time jobs that you could be turning to in order to help you pay off debt quicker and on your own schedule. To give you some ideas, I have compiled a list of the top 10 part time jobs to pay off debt.

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Yes! You can make money from a blog! I am still blown away by the number of people who haven’t heard this yet.

Blogging single-handedly allowed us to save money, pay off debt and travel to see family in different parts of the country.

How to Make Your First $1,000 Blogging

How do bloggers make money?

There are 4 main ways that bloggers are earning an income every month:

While some bloggers are earning incomes in the high six-figures, the average blogger is making around $1,000 per month working part-time.

A blogging schedule

One of the greatest things about blogging is that you are able to completely set your own schedule. Most bloggers start their blogs with a full-tine job and some even go on to quit their jobs because their blogs are earning more than their paychecks!

The smartest way to make time for blogging is to set aside at least one hour each day to dedicate to your blog.

To optimize your work flow, it’s important to get a blogging planner that allows you to keep track of everything surrounding your blog.

The cost of blogging

After an initial start up cost, blogging is relatively inexpensive to do. You can get an idea of the costs by reading how to start a blog.

Considering the incredibly low start-up costs and maintenance fees of a blog, it’s safe to say that blogging is one of the easiest part-time jobs to pay off debt.

Learning to blog

My biggest recommendation (that too many people avoid) is making sure to get training in how to effectively make money with a blog. So many people rely on the free information on the internet and never fully get all the information they need to succeed.

Although it adds to the initial start-up cost, I always recommend taking a blogging course.

The best list of 10 part time jobs to pay off debt. They are quick start and you can set your own hours. Work when you can and increase your debt payoff.
Bloggers earn between $1,000 and $150,000 per month! See how to start.

Host or rent your home

In order to become completely debt free, some people have made the choice to live with family or in a low-cost apartment while renting out their home.

Renting out your home can be a great way to create an additional income by no longer having to make a monthly mortgage payment. On top of that, you may even make a few extra hundred dollars if the cost of rent is higher than the cost of your mortgage.

Making the choice to rent out your home can be a great idea, but there are many things to consider before you do:

  • May affect your taxes
  • You become responsible for repairs
  • You will have to find somewhere for all of your belongings

What about hosting your home instead?

Instead of renting our your home and going through the headache of becoming a landlord, could you just rent your home and still make up the cost of your mortgage? You just might be able to!

Hosting your home with a site like Airbnb could quite possibly do more than just cover the cost of your mortgage depending on your location.

When renting your home, you’ll need to make sure you set aside money to cover potential damages. With Airbnb, you have a $1,000,000 insurance coverage.

Check the Airbnb calculator to see how much you can earn each month.

Should you just sell your home?

For some, in a significant amount of debt, the best option is selling. There are major things to look at when it comes to debating whether or not you should sell your home in order to pay off debt.

  • Is your mortgage too high? (Above 30% of your take home pay)
  • Will you make enough in equity?

Before you decide selling your home is the only option, be sure to do your research ahead of time. See what other homes in your area are selling for to get an idea of what the market is like near you.

Sell on Amazon

Many people who want to pay off debt and live a life that allows them to travel more have started opening Amazon storefronts.

Selling on Amazon means you can shop for discounted items in the store, and then sell them at the prices that Amazon is asking. Doing this can yield a huge profit if you learn to do it right. Get the free ebook on why selling on Amazon works.

Although there may be some shopping involved, through Amazon FBA, Amazon takes care of all of your shipments, returns, and processing for you.

One family has seen so much success with their Amazon FBA business that they have started making over $100,000 per year and one man was able to bring in $10K per month in only 4 months!

Part time jobs to pay off debt

Teach English online

A great flexible part-time job to pay off debt is by teaching English online. There are a number of programs out there that are working with students in the US and overseas.

These jobs pay generously and can often be very flexible in fitting around your regular 9-5 job. Most available hours are early morning or late at night in order to accommodate students from around the world.

Jobs that allow you to teach English online usually provide you with curiculum. This way there is no additional prep-work needed on your part.

The best sources for teaching online

  • QKids – No degree? You might be in the clear. With QKids you can earn $16-$20 teaching English online. Just having experience with kids means you may qualify!
  • SayABC – If you have a bachelors degree you can earn up to $21 per hour, set your own hours, and teach English online! Apply today.
  • Course Hero – Course Hero allows professionals in a wide range of topics to tutor students online from anywhere. No matter what your area of expertise, there is a studen who needs your help. Learn more about Course Hero.
  • VIPKid – With a bachelor’s degree you can make between $17 and $22/hr by teaching English online in over 32 different countries!

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Buy groceries

Another great part-time job to pay off debt is grocery shopping for other people. Not everyone has the time to make it to the grocery store and now they can pay someone to do it for them!

There seem to be more and more options arising for this type of work, but there are two main companies that offer flexible hours that can work around your already busy schedule.


Instacart offers 2 seriously great ways to start making money part-time on your own schedule. You have the option to:

  • In-Store shop – Work part-time, no vehicle is required, shop only
  • Full-Service Shopping – Work as an independent contractor, car required, shop and deliver orders

With either of these options, you have freedom in your schedule to work when you are able to.

Learn more about working for Instacart


Another great personal shopper company that allows you to work part-time to pay off debt is Shipt. While Shipt is very similar to Instacart, there are a few different bonuses to take advantage of:

  • Get paid an average of $22 per hour
  • Be part of a Shipt shopper community
  • Get a free Shipt membership (so you can get your groceries delivered!)

Learn more about working for Shipt

The best list of 10 part time jobs to pay off debt. They are quick start and you can set your own hours. Work when you can and increase your debt payoff.

Dog sitting/Dog walking

Did you know you can get paid around $20 per hour for 30 minutes of your time? With Rover you’ll get paid an average of $20 for dog walking or even just drop-in visits where you stop by someone’s home to let their dog out while they are gone.

There are a ton of other ways to connect with local dog owners that let you make money part time to pay off debt.

What you can get paid for

  • Dog walking
  • Drop-in visits
  • Doggy day care
  • Hosting dogs overnight

With Rover you set your calendar so you are only working with dogs on days that you are able to. Set up a Rover profile and you could be getting clients as soon as today.

Create a course

Do you have a talent, knowledge or expertise that you could be sharing with the world? People are earning money every day by teaching others how to run their own business, go hiking, start crocheting, scrapbooking and even cake decorating.

If you have a talent, you can teach it and get paid for it.

Teachable is a website that allows you to create a course curriculum for free!

Making passive income

The average Teachable teacher is earning $1,000 per month and some are earning a great deal more.

Another great thing about creating an online course is that after you have put in the work and created the course, you can continue to get paid for it. By sharing your course on social media, inviting people through email or promoting your course, you can keep getting paid over and over again.

This is the great thing about passive income. You have the potential to keep earning long after the work is done.

Start making passive income with Teachable.


We all know and love the benefits of Uber when we need a quick ride somewhere, but do you have any idea how many benefits there are for the Uber drivers? See how to save for vacation with Uber.

With Uber you can:

  • Get paid up to 5 times daily
  • Set your own hours
  • Save money on your insurance and/or phone plan

With Uber you are fully in charge of how much money you make. During major events or big holidays, you have the potential to earn significantly more and you can do it all on your own schedule.


If you don’t have a car or aren’t 21 or older yet, but want to take advantage of the benefits of Uber, you might be in luck. With UberEATS you deliver food, not people and in some cases may not even need a vehicle.

People are still earning great pay on a flexible schedule through UberEATS and they aren’t even having to drive people around all day.

Instead, people can order food and have it delivered. If you live in a high-traffic area, you may be eligible to deliver on a scooter or a bike.

Learn more about delivering with UberEATS

Survey Sites

While survey sites might not technically be considered a job, they are the perfect example of easy ways to make money.

The best part? You don’t even have to leave home and most of the time all that is required of you is your opinion.

Top surveys to make money:

Part-time jobs to pay off debt

At the end of the day, there are really a thousand different ways to make money to help with debt payoff. These are 10 of the best and most flexible options.

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The best list of 10 part time jobs to pay off debt. They are quick start and you can set your own hours. Work when you can and increase your debt payoff.

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