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Ikigai. The Japanese Art of Finding Life’s Purpose and Never Retiring.

The Japanese culture seems to have a lot of wisdom. Maybe I’m partial because I am a quarter Japanese. The day I learned about Ikigai, my life and perspective were totally transformed. When I say the art of never retiring, people might imagine a life of constantly working yourself to the bone. A depressing life. When in fact, Ikigai promotes the exact opposite.

Total Guide to Help You Save Over $1,000 Fast for an Emergency Fund

Currently, in America, 58% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings account. This number is astounding and really not ok. One of the biggest things to remember in life if that unexpected things always come up and the last thing you want is to be totally blindsided by an emergency. When emergencies arise many people rely on credit cards to get them through. In the long run, people end up paying more money in interest and make it more difficult for themselves to get ahead. If you are finally ready to break the cycle and get an emergency fund saved, follow the next ___ steps to save $1,000 fast.

A Minimalist Christmas. 6 Simple Steps to Have a Clutter Free, Less Stress Christmas

Full disclosure, it took me years and years of raising kids for me to realize that I was making Christmas was more complicated and stressful than I needed to. From standing in long lines on Black Friday at 5am to trying to make sure everyone was perfectly dressed in their Christmas best. It all became too much and I found myself more stressed out at Christmas than any other time of the year. So much so that I wasn’t even able to fully enjoy the holiday itself. Then I realized, I had been doing Christmas all wrong. It was time to take a more minimalistic approach. I needed to try less, care more and eliminate all the unnecessary stuff. This is exactly what I did to create a clutter free, less stress Christmas

Sinking Funds Tracker and Complete Sinking Funds Guide

Have you ever been in that stage of life where a major emergency hits and you feel totally unprepared? This was basically how Tom and I lived our lives for years. We let ourselves be blindsided by everything from vet bills, to car repairs, doctor visits, holidays and even some random kid’s birthday party. Something would blindside up and we were left scrambling to find the funds to pay for it. This meant we usually turned to our credit card…because it was for emergencies after all. The sad thing was, most of these things weren’t actually emergencies. We knew the holidays were coming, we know our car will have problems eventually. Kids get sick. Pets get sick. None of these things are all that surprising. So how do you prepare for the expected unexpected? Sinking Funds! I’ve got a Sinking Funds tracker to help you plan for life’s unfortunate events so you aren’t left in a financial panic.