5 Frugal Family Meals to Make with One Turkey

In my post How Our Family of 5 Eats Healthy for $100 a Week I touched a little on how we cut back on our meat consumption not only to benefit the environment and our health but to also cut back on our grocery bill. Well, I wanted to really break it down and show just how big of an impact less meat can make. It’s crazy how one turkey can easily tturn into multiple meals for your family. Here’s 5 meal prep ideas you can easily do for your family.

Groceries for a Family of 5 with a $100 per Week Budget

When I first started buying groceries for a family of 5 I was dropping $500 in the first-week grocery shopping. Not a good idea when you’re a stay at home mom and your husband only gets paid once a month. No sir, no it’s not. Looking back I can tell a few major things that got in my way:

  1. Got swept away with “super foods”
  2. Shopped too much in bulk
  3. Bought whatever I wanted
  4. Overly concerned with the healthiest options

Now it’s crazy to me after getting my shopping addiction under control and living on a budget how we are spending only $100 on groceries for a family of 5. I swear it’s possible to not only feed everyone, but eat healthy too! Here’s how we made it happen.

7 Ways to Be Healthy on a Budget and Still Love Your Life

There are a lot of negative mindsets surrounding being healthy and living on a budget. So chances are you think you’re in double trouble when it comes to wanting to be healthy on a budget without totally hating your life. The good news is, it’s totally possible (and actually pretty simple).

15 Rachel Hollis Goal Setting Quotes Plus a Goal Setting Printout

So it’s 2019 and Rachel Hollis has taken the world by storm. Thank goodness. She is a powerhouse of motivation wrapped up in a tiny 5’2″ frame and it is awesome. Every day she brings inspiration through her website, Instagram, daily talk show, podcast and so much more. So what does she have to say to you? Here are 20 amazing Rachel Hollis goal setting quotes to help motivate you today, plus all the places you can find and connect with her online.

Ikigai. The Japanese Art of Finding Life’s Purpose and Never Retiring.

The Japanese culture seems to have a lot of wisdom. Maybe I’m partial because I am a quarter Japanese. The day I learned about Ikigai, my life and perspective were totally transformed. When I say the art of never retiring, people might imagine a life of constantly working yourself to the bone. A depressing life. When in fact, Ikigai promotes the exact opposite.