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Will Target Circle Actually Save You More Money?

So I can’t be the only one noticing that every time I go to Target, they are asking me to put in my phone number for Target Circle. Personally, the staff at Target haven’t been very good at explaining what in the world Target Circle is, how it benefits me an why I should be entering in my phone number. A whopping 1% back doesn’t exactly thrill me, especially when I have a 5% back Target Red Card.

My confusion is your gain. I went ahead and did the research on what the Target Circle is, how it works and if it’s even helping you save money. Spoiler alert: I’m kind of a skeptic.

Shopping Your Pantry to Save Money and Make Meal Prep Easy

I never knew there was actually a term for how I grocery shopped! The first thing I always did before going to the store was to take a quick inventory of what we already had. Well, apparently, this is is called shopping your pantry. It makes sense right? Look. through what you already have and then you can start to grow your grocery list from there.

The thing is, not everyone is great at meal prep and strategy. So I decided to break it down and layout how my mind works while I shop my pantry and meal prep.

Manage Money Better. 8 Financial Help Services You’re Not Paying for But Should Be

Often times people believe the best way to have more money is to be as frugal as possible. In a lot of ways this is true, but unfortunately, being too stingy with your money can end up hurting you financially. Most of the time, not planning wisely can hurt you in the areas of your life that mean the most to you. Areas like family, health, and your home. There are 8 major financial help services I want to cover that most people aren’t paying for. By avoiding these up-front costs people are at risk for losing everything that is most valuable to them. Let’s dive into these 8 areas and get ideas on how you can afford these services and why you can’t afford not to utilize them.

How to Win With Money When You Suck at Math!

Man, for so long I had a love/hate relationship with money. Of course, like most people, I wanted more money but I also hated that I never seemed to have enough.

We were living paycheck to paycheck and it felt like we would never be able to live the life we wanted.

What I didn’t realize is that the life I wanted was right at my fingertips and I actually had all the money I needed to make that life happen. However, the way I managed my money wasn’t serving me.

So many people, like myself, get caught in this cycle and believe they are bad with money.

If you are fed up with feeling broke and stressed about money, then listen up. I am going to break down how you can make your money work for you starting today.