The Best Money and Rebate Apps for Your Smart Phone

There was a time in my life when I tried extreme couponing. All the super organized ladies on the news made it seem like  a really great gig. But here’s the catch: I am terrible at it. I don’t like clipping coupons, I don’t like spending an entire day flipping through newspapers and browsing online to learn which stores allow double coupons and on what days. Not to mention the fact that I usually forget my bundle of coupons at home anyway. What I much prefer is being able to get savings with a touch of my finger or better yet, without having to do anything at all! So if you’re in search of faster, easier ways to save money here are 10 must-have money apps you have to have!

The 7 Simple Ways to Live the Life You Want

What a lot of us don’t realize is that we get caught up in being who we think we’re supposed to be. We work on owning the things we think we’re supposed to have. The job, the house, the spouse, the stuff… Then slowly, as we start to come down from the high of all of these things we start to feel unsatisfied and we’re not sure why. Sound accurate? Well, keep reading, I’ve compiled a list of 7 simple ways you can start to live the life you want.

Life on the Road: How One Minimalist Family Finds Comfort in Tiny Living

Today’s guest post is from Brynn of The Mama on the Rocks. She shares her family’s personal reasons for choosing the RV life and how they make it work for them.

Two years ago, while eating ice cream, nursing my newborn daughter, and binge-watching episodes of Tiny House Revolution, I had an epiphany.

We spent over a year researching tiny living, minimalism, and downsizing. As it turns out, the simplistic way of life had additional benefits for our son who has multiple behavioral diagnoses. Reducing his stimulation and options for everything has been an incredible help to his sensory processing, generalized anxiety, and ADHD needs.

How to Successfully Organize and Plan Blog Content

Learning how to successfully run a money-making blog takes time. There’s really no way around it. However, one way to save yourself a ton of time is to take advice from those who have gone before you. I am going into my fourth year of blogging and am re-writing this post with better information! I have perfected the method of organizing and scheduling blog content and want to share with you all of my best advice on how to successfully run your blog like a money-making online business.

How to Be a Cheap Date Without Staying Home

Whether you are married or dating, there are a ton of ways to be a cheap date without always staying home. Come on people, we have to put in a little more effort than that, am I right? Yeah, maybe we live in the days of Netflix and chill but I’m also a firm believer in trying a little harder to keep a relationship alive. Yes, sometimes an at-home date night is a good idea. Other times, you have got o get the heck outta that house! Here are some practical tips anyone can use to save money on a night out.