Three Ingredient Waffles – for Budget Friendly‚Äč Meal Prep

Living a more minimalist life means I look for ways to simplify as much as I can. When it comes to food finding quick food or simple food should not mean compromising your health. That’s why I love these super simple three-ingredient waffles. They are easy to make in batches and are crazy inexpensive. If you have a family at home you will love these budget-friendly waffles that you can easily make ahead and then store in the freezer all month long.

Mala Beads for Prayer, Meditation and Anxiety Relief

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was first drawn to mala beads because I thought they were super cute! Little did I know they would be able to seriously help me cope with the stress I had in my day to day life. The stress of being a stay at home mom who never gets a moment of silence, to stress in my marriage, in my work; anything life would throw at me. How these beads aren’t more popular is beyond me. They have the power to help with prayer, meditation and anxiety relief. Here is a little guide to where mala beads came from, how they were originally used and how you can incorporate them into your day to day life today.

Quitting Veganism and Why This Holistic Nutritionist Had to Quit

It’s been over a year now since I had to accept the hard fact that a vegan diet wasn’t working for me. I had finished my Holistic Nutrition Certification that taught me all about the incredible benefits of plants and all the ailments that a vegan diet could cure. So why in the world was I getting sicker? I was so frustrated. How I was supposed to help clients? How could I face every animal I came across? I felt so torn between my morals, my knowledge, and everything my body was saying to me. This is my journey to quitting veganism and the life lessons it taught me.