Weight Loss Shakes: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truth

Today I hesitantly joined a workout class that I have always been inconsistent with going to. I take insane amounts of mental preparation before I step foot in that door. I look for excuses not to go. Oh, it’s started 5 minutes ago. I’ll be too sweaty. What if I fart?  Then today I realized something, I am awesome at this class. I love this class. I hate cardio, but I love this class! It is an hour strait of cardio kickboxing moves and I thoroughly enjoy every second of it! So naturally, during some kicks and punches I started wondering why if I like this class so much, does it take so much for me to get psyched about it? Then I started thinking about weight loss shakes.

It brought me back to a skinnier time, when I just started attending this class; the time I was drinking weight loss shakes. It all became so clear to me that I just knew I had to share the wicked truth with anyone willing to listen. Now, I’m not going to just full on bash weight loss shakes, I will give it to you strait. Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the harsh reality that it took me a year to accept (and still keep working on.)

5 Healthy Pantry Must-Haves to Help You Stretch Your Budget

One thing I have gotten really good at through the years is finding ways to make meals when we are at the end of our budget. A lot of people in the debt-free community choose to focus on the “beans and rice” meals but the truth is, while beans and rice may be affordable, it’s nutrient lacking and a highly carb loaded meal. No, I’m not going to go into the giant carb debate but for myself personally, I have found that I function a lot better with a mixture of carbs, greens, proteins, and fats. However, there are 5 pantry must-haves to make healthy, frugal meals for your family. Let’s dive into what those 5 affordable pantry must-haves are and I’ll give you some ideas on how they can help you stretch your budget.

$100 Costco Shopping List for Organic, Healthy Food for a Family of 5

People are blown away when I say we spend around $100 per week for our family of 5. They are even more blown away when I tell them the majority of our shopping is done at Costco. I remember before we got a Costco membership everyone told me that it wasn’t really useful for actual groceries. I beg to differ. Here is my basic go-to $100 Costco shopping list of healthy foods that we get for our family.

Mono Meals Plan to help with IBS

I was recently talking with a girl recently who is struggling with some serious stomach and constipation issues. I recommended these mono meals plan as a temporary diet change. Whether or not you think you need to make a drastic leap into this completely new way of eating or if you’re just looking for a cleanse, I’m here to give you some food for thought.

4 Tips for Gluten-Free Shopping on a Budget

So, I don’t know if you knew this or not, but trying to eat a gluten-free diet can be expensive. If you want a regular loaf of bread, you can sometimes get it for .99 cents. Gluten free though? You’d better expect to pay around $5 and you’ll get half the loaf. Seems kind of unfair, right? Considering that most people who are eating gluten-free struggle with some sort of intolerance or disease. There are however some great ways to eat gluten-free on a budget.