The Top Method for Getting More Money Without Working More.

For too long I spent my life believing that we would always be living paycheck to paycheck. After all, I was a stay at home mom. Life was supposed to be a struggle and money was meant to be tight, right? Wrong. Wrong, folks. While it’s not the case for everyone, for us, there was something that was standing in our way. Us. We weren’t managing our money the way we should and therefore weren’t accessing all that we could. Then, we finally discovered the top method for getting more money in our lives and the crazy part is you can get more money without working more! Tom and I have managed to get over $20,000 back in our pockets per year and I want to tell you exactly how.

10 Tips for Practicing Simplicit​​y During Stressful Times

I told Tom today, “I feel like my body is working but my brain isn’t there with it.” Life has been…a lot lately. But, the funny thing is, I have been handling all of the ups and downs a lot better than I used to which got me to thinking, what tips do I have for others who are in the midst of stressful times? What can you do in times of grief or chaos? There are actually quite a few ways to practice simplicity during stressful times and naturally…they are pretty simple…

What I Learned from Losing $1,000 in 1 Minute. No, I Wasn’t Gambling.

For those of you following along, you may know our family of 5 just returned from a 2-week cross-country vacation. If you are following on YouTube you will have seen video of Wyoming, California and me starring in Friends…a lifelong dream coming true. What you won’t see on social media is the rough start we had before our trip even began. Keep reading and I will break down for you exactly how we lost $1,000 in 1 minute and why I honestly didn’t care very much…

KonMari Method Suitcase Packing for 2 Week Road Trip

As some of you may know we just took off on a 2-week long road trip through cold states like Wyoming and through warmer states like Nevada and California. Since the KonMari Method was such a huge success in our closet, Tom and I both wanted to use the same folding technique to pack our suitcases. Check out my KonMari Method suitcase for 2 weeks worth of clothes and get the update on how it went after the trip ended!

What Happened When I Stopped Blogging for a Month

I didn’t plan on it, but over the last 30 days, my whole life and routine have gone completely haywire. My life has changed dramatically and in the midst of it all, I stopped blogging for a month. Don’t get me wrong, I did my best to keep up here and there. I would spend some time on Pinterest or throw up an Instagram post, but for the most part, I just totally stopped blogging. I want to tell you what brought about this month long vacation and be totally candid about the bad things that happened and the good things that happened when I stopped blogging for a month.