14 Non Toy​ Gift Ideas for Kids that Encourage Growth and Independence

People just don’t seem to get the minimalist concept of not always buying toys for kids. The truth is, there are so many more valuable, fun, life-changing things that a child can benefit from. Below is a list of non-toy gift ideas that you can get for that special kid in your life.

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Three Major Reasons You Can’t Let Go Of Stuff in Your House

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There has been so much scientific evidence showing the link between clutter and stress. Well, maybe you know that you are feeling stressed because of the clutter but at the same time, you just can’t seem to get yourself out of it! Well, there are three main reasons why you can’t let go of stuff and you’re not alone. Let’s break down the three biggest struggles people face and how you can overcome them.

Small Kitchen Declutter and Storage Solutions

The best way to improve the function of your kitchen and your life is to get intentionally organized. So many people think organization is all about the right containers or storage systems when in reality the thing that is going to give you the biggest home makeover is to declutter and then organize. So here’s how to get started with a kitchen declutter to improve the function of your kitchen and to keep clutter at bay.

How to Start Minimalism, and What Not to Do

So you’ve seen all the shows, read all the articles and now you’re thinking this minimalist gig might be for you. Depending on where you’re at in life and how much stuff you have with you, it can be tough to know how to start minimalism. Where do you begin? This post has practical tips that anyone can do to begin their minimalist journey without feeling overwhelmed.

5 Methods for Dealing with Paper Clutter

Even though we are living in a more digital world, somehow most of us are still battling with paper clutter every single day. Thankfully there are some crazy simple ways to avoid letting paper clutter take over your home. Here are 6 super easy ways to get ahead of the clutter for good.