Mood Food: Foods to Boost Dopamine Levels Naturally

There are so many self help books out there on all the best ways to get happy. Don’t get me wrong, I am a self proclaimed self help lover. While these books are loaded with a ton of helpful information, most of them bay be leaving out a few major details. The big detail being that there is actually food for your mood. Yes, crazy as it sounds there are foods you should eat to boost dopamine levels naturally. Dopamine being the “happy hormone” that our bodies naturally produce. Dopamine levels boost naturally with Vitamin D rays from the sun just be smart about how much sun you get.

Our dopamine levels also increase with things like exercise or when we are around people we love. Well, I’m pleased to tell you, you have another source as well in the foods that you eat! So what exactly are the eating requirements for joyful living? Read on to learn more.

How to Start a Gluten Free Diet

How to Start a Gluten Free Diet

Three tips and tricks to help you go gluten free as painlessly as possible.

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Finding out that you have a gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease can be a real bummer to say the least. It can feel like the end of the world. Strolling the grocery isle or glancing at a restaurant menu is enough to make you burst into tears and scream, “My life is over!” Maybe you haven’t determined an intolerance or Celiac and are beginning an elimination diet to see if your symptoms improve. Either way, knowing what to do as far as a gluten free diet for beginners doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think.

Thankfully the supermarkets and restaurants are hopping on board with more and more amazing gluten free products. I will say, if you are suffering with some serious tummy troubles or other gluten induced symptoms, supplementing your diet with highly processed gluten free foods is not the best way to go. However, I fully get that it is stressful and you have to start somewhere. The idea of having to give up some of your favorite foods is enough to make a person want to bail before even starting. I touched on this a little with my post Gluten Free Shopping List but today I am going to help you get really start sifting through all the products on the market and start figuring out the cleanest way to start your new diet.

Dairy Free Peanut Butter Carmel and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

I am absolutely obsessed with desserts that aren’t sugar loaded and don’t leave me feeling bloated and gassy for the rest of the night; thankfully dairy free ice creams are starting to pop up more and more in supermarkets, but they usually require an arm and a leg.  When I discovered banana “nice cream” I was hooked, but lately I’ve been thinking, “There has got to be a way to spruce this up a bit.” I was such a huge fan of my mint chocolate chip cashew ice cream, I knew there had to be a fun way to take advantage of our classic favorite, banana too. So I did just that with this dairy free, sugar free peanut butter caramel and chocolate chunk ice cream.

Like with anything worth while, a little bit of patience is required.

Sugar Detox: What About Fruit?

Sugar Detox: What About Fruit?

*I am not a medial professional. If you have health concerns, before making any changes, please consult a physician.

Sugar detoxes are becoming more and more popular, but one big question a lot of people have when starting their detox is: “What about fruit?” We all know fruit has sugars, so naturally our panic alarm goes off in our head. There is tons of talk these days about the damage that fructose can do to your health and fructose is in fruits. That’s a pretty scary thought. If you are supposed to avoid fructose, does this include fruit? We grew up learning how great fruit is for us…so shouldn’t it still be included in our diet?

Many people have different theories on this. I don’t know about you but personally, I love hearing evidence backed up through serious scientific studies. So I’m going to break down a few different sugar studies that have been done specifically to determine whether or not fruit is a sugar we should keep or kick to the curb.

Home Gym: 5 Equipment Options for Any Size Home

Home Gym: 5 Equipment Options for Any Size Home Gym

I am a big gym goer although my consistency these last few years has been anything but impressive. As much as I love all the options and classes that the gym has to offer the truth is, sometimes I just can’t make it there in a day. When that happens I like knowing that I have some options at home to fall back on. Going through the process of downsizing, living a more minimalism style life and getting in gear with our finances has made me very aware of the importance of exercise outside of the gym. The truth is, gym memberships can be expensive and not doable for every house hold. At the same time, not every household has a spare room with ample space for a treadmill and weights. That’s why I cam up with the perfect home gym for any size house.