Vow Renewal and Vacation Under $1K and We Paid in Cash

re-seeling items on Amazon.Ten years ago I got married and tried to have an inexpensive wedding. Somehow we spent well over $10,000 on everything. Thank goodness that was in the years before Pinterest, or I can’t even imagine how much my DIY budget would have spiraled out of control. Now, after 10 years of marriage, we really wanted to renew our commitment to each other and actually stick to a budget! We managed to keep it all under $1k and we paid in cash. So, naturally, I want to share with you exactly how we did it.

Whitening Teeth at Home. Professional and Affordable

As you probably know by now, after getting purposeful with my finances, I no longer waste a dime on anything that I don’t see adding value to my life. I don’t believe in over-spending, but I do believe in making wise investments. When I was younger I used to purchase the cheapest versions of drugstore teeth whitening strips that I could find. I saved money but I wound up having achy teeth, bleached gums and only half of my teeth whitened. Basically, I got what I paid for. Getting older, I was reluctant to try any of those less expensive methods again especially because my teeth are more sensitive than they used to be. I didn’t want pay less and get bad results, but I certainly wasn’t prepared to pay the high price of in house dental whitening procedures either! So glad to say, I learned about whitening teeth at home that’s professional and affordable!

Make Money Blogging: 7 Biggest Questions Answered

I have been blogging for over a year and have been getting tons of questions from people aspiring to make money blogging. People tell me their plans and I don’t know how to nicely let them know that they should tweak their plan if they want to be successful. Honestly, I thought I would rock at blogging because I’ve always been pretty good at writing, I have a graphic design degree, and was a professional photographer. I was wrong. This blogging thing took more figuring out than I originally imagined; even when I was sure I had it all figured out. It hasn’t been easy but I have loved every single second of it. Blogging has provided the freedom I always dreamed of. Those of you with those same dreams, I want to answer for you the 7 most asked questions about how to make money blogging.

How to Make Money While You Homeschool

If you are a homeschooling family like we are, chances are you know the stress that comes with making the decision to homeschool. I worried about not being smart enough to teach my kids, social awkwardness (for me and them), and especially money. Money always seems to be an issue no matter what leaps you want to take in life. However, it shouldn’t be something that holds you back from schooling your children from home. Our family has been homeschooling for 2 years and have managed not only to continue to make money homeschooling but to also make enough to pay off all our debt. I want to spread the word and share with other families how it’s possible to make money while you homeschool. No one way fits all, of course, so I’ll do my best to cover all the bases!

How to Take Out a Personal Loan Even with Bad Credit

If you’ve been following my journey, you probably know by now that I would never be an advocate for digging yourself deeper into debt. While this is true, I’m still a realist and I understand that life doesn’t always give you the time to get right with your finances before you find yourself neck-deep in a big, fat, financial emergency. These emergencies are a big part of why financial institutions offer small loans; to help get through those hurdles life throws at you. If you are struggling to get ahead and think you might benefit from taking out a loan let me tell you how you can take out a personal loan even with bad credit.