How Downsizing Saved My Marriage, Finances and Family

After our family moved from a townhouse into a large 3,400 square foot home we never could have imagined that this big upgrade in life would actually start tearing us apart. Today I want to reflect after a year and a half, get really honest and break down for you exactly what has changed in our lives for the better since the day we ditched the big house for a tiny “starter home.” Basically how downsizing helped our family overcome depression, avoid divorce and reunite us as a whole.

5 Frugal Family Meals to Make with One Turkey

5 Frugal Family Meals to Make with One Turkey

In my post How Our Family of 5 Eats Healthy for $100 a Week I touched a little on how we cut back on our meat consumption not only to benefit the environment and our health but to also cut back on our grocery bill. Well, I wanted to really break it down and show just how big of an impact less meat can make. Not only are these frugal, healthy and hearty meals; they also leave you with plenty of leftovers and are fairly easy to prep. Yes, they will take some prep time and a few hours in the kitchen but it will also give you back all of your time during the week and make getting dinner on the table a quick, easy and less-stress-mess. For even less-stress in the kitchen and at the grocery store check out the $5 Meal Plan Here is your guide to 5 frugal family meals to make with only one turkey!

Groceries for a Family of 5 with a $100 per Week Budget

When I first started buying groceries for a family of 5 I was dropping $500 in the first-week grocery shopping. Not a good idea when you’re a stay at home mom and your husband only gets paid once a month. No sir, no it’s not. Looking back I can tell a few major things that got in my way:

  1. Got swept away with “super foods”
  2. Shopped too much in bulk
  3. Bought whatever I wanted
  4. Overly concerned with the healthiest options

Now it’s crazy to me after living on a budget how we are spending only $100 on groceries for a family of 5. I swear it’s possible to not only feed everyone, but eat healthy too! Here’s how we made it happen.

White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bombs

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Gluten Free Oreo Truffles

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