How to Discuss and Execute a Budget with Your Spouse

I recently had a friend ask me to come over and help her get a budget figured out. We got out paper and a pen, I had my best advice right at the tip of my tongue and then she started telling me her problems. What I didn’t expect was that all of her problems had more to do with not managing money well with her husband instead of money itself is the problem. I felt helpless. It’s nearly impossible to give financial advice when a couple is not working together as a team. You can read every budgeting book under the sun, but you won’t fully succeed with a budget until you have open communication with your spouse or partner. That’s why instead of dishing out money tips, I want to talk about how to discuss and execute a budget with your spouse or partner. 

Running a Blog: Do You Actually Make Money While You Sleep?

This question sounds so appealing to new or aspiring bloggers, doesn’t it? The idea of making cash while you dream is, well, a dream come true. But it definitely sounds too good to be true! That’s why I wanted to break down the rumors, set the record strait and give everyone the answer they have been wanting to hear. When you’re running a blog, do you actually make money while you sleep? The answer: YES. The rumors are true, but don’t think making money in your sleep doesn’t require work during your waking hours! Let’s talk about how to create a profitable blog, how to get paid in your sleep and how to actually enjoy your life while you do it!

Train at Home or at the Gym Without the High Cost of Personal Training

The debate has been great in my mind. Do I quit the gym and put the savings toward paying off our debt, or do I keep reaping the benefits of the gym life because I truly feel better afterwards? Working out has truly become more than fitness or appearance for me. Now it’s more about stress relieving and keeping my sanity. Sometimes I like weights, sometimes I need to cool it down with yoga or pump it up with a kickboxing class. Whatever I have needed, my gym has had my back. But that doesn’t mean I don’t cringe when the bill comes each month. Then I found out there was a way to quit my high paying gym membership and still get high quality training and the variety that I love. PLUS you get 30 days totally free!! 

The Best Ways to Create Space in a Tiny Home

I don’t live in a tiny home, but it is definitely a dream of mine. Even though I’m not officially “living tiny,” we did downsize our house and lose 2,000 square feet of finished living space. Although we don’t have a crazy tiny house, I did look around the other day and realize how creative I have been in finding and creating storage in the space we do have. I know some people have gotten even more creative than me and that’s why I wanted to share some genius ideas with you. Here are some of the best ways to create space in a tiny home so you can stay small and organized at the same time.

14 Ways to Earn Passive Income and Create Financial Stability

If you would have told me in high school that I making money wasn’t only easy, it can actually be enjoyable, I would have been the happiest girl in the world. So often, when it comes to earning money we only look at traditional, and contemporary ways to do so. However, there is a big world filled with different ways to earn passive income. In some cases, people make a living this way. Other times people are hoping to find extra ways to make money to put toward debt or to build wealth. Whatever the case, let’s talk about how you can earn passive income and create financial stability.