6 Things You Have to Declutter To Be a Better You This Year

We talk a lot about the New Year and who we are going to be, what we plan to accomplish, or what we want to have. What we don’t realize is that a lot of times all of this requires adding things to our lives. However, if you are one of the millions of people who is already living life feeling overwhelmed, then listen up, my friend…the first thing you have to do to succeed in the New Year is start by eliminating anything that is going to slow you down from being that newer, better version of yourself. Otherwise you run the risk of adding more clutter, more chaos and more overwhelm to your life. What happens when you’re overwhelmed and exhausted? You’re less likely to take any action on the things you envision for yourself! Ahhh! How terrible would that be? To save you from this terrible fate, I have put together a list of 6 things you absolutely HAVE to eliminate from your life in the New Year.

There Are No Rules for Minimalism. That’s All Bullshit.

I may in a bit of a tizzy this morning after stumbling upon some minimalist posts that share extremely one sided opinions of minimalism. People who say it is too restricting, that it’s not possible for everyone or that it takes 1 – 2 years to make the change to minimalism. Ugh, people. Can we all agree to stop putting restricting guidelines on everything. No, you don’t have to live out of a suitcase to be considered a minimalist. Yes, you can most definitely live out of a suitcase to be considered a minimalist. Nope, it doesn’t have to take 2 years to simplify your life. You can simplify your life immensely in the span of 5 minutes. So, if I haven’t been clear in the past, let’s break down why there really are no rules for minimalism, or life at all for that matter and it’s time someone said something.

8 Steps to Declutter and Clear Your House of Negative Energy

Have you ever gotten out of a bad relationship and just wanted to chuck everything that person ever touched? If so there is a reason for this! The things we touch and use and the space we live in can contain a lot of the energy left behind by certain people, arguments or relationships. In order to feel fully cleansed of a bad experience or to feel like you can get a fresh start, doing a full energy declutter of your space can feel like such a breath of fresh air. This is a practice I turn to quite often whenever I feel like I need a little reset or need an energy boost and I want to share 8 things that I do that have helped me clear the energy in my home.

Traumatic Events That Create Minimalists & How They Can Inspire You

My own minimalist journey began in small life-changing realizations. It didn’t necessarily start all at once, but being a large part of the minimalist community, I couldn’t help but start to see patterns emerge in some of the major life events that inspired people to turn away from possessions and begin practicing minimalism. To really get a better idea if my suspicions were correct, I took a poll of around 200 minimalists to see what they said sparked their journey. Some had just decided to practice it, but for the most part, I began to see very clear patterns emerging born out of traumatic life experiences. Here’s the breakdown of the top 5 I noticed and how we can use these lessons to inspire us to live a more purpose-filled, simplified life.

Practical Gym Survival Tips for Women Going for the First Time

There is nothing more intimidating than walking into the gym for the first time, especially if you have never been there before. Yes, you want the benefits of working out, but stepping foot into the gym for the first time kind of feels like you’re a new kid in school and you’ve got head gear and acne. It feels like everyone is staring at you and you just want to find somewhere where you can blend into the background so no one will notice you. Maybe you’ve already stepped foot into a gym before and this is exactly how it felt, if so, these tips are meant to be your total survival guide.