Did Covid Make You Socially Awkward or Are you Just Having An Awakening?

My hope for this post is that it finds all of the people out there who have spent the last year (or more) finding themselves, uncovering limiting beliefs, healing childhood wounds, and growing in their own truth. That might sound corny. I don’t care. If you’re reading this, I hope this is you. Over the last few months, I have fallen into a sort of depression. I thought maybe it was my Covid diagnosis. That maybe Covid had permanently messed with my brain (I still kind of think that it did in some ways…) or maybe it’s just that the world is re-opening and I have adapted to being a shut-in. (It’s probably also that.) But mostly I realized over the last year, I just really found me. The only problem is “Me” has always shown up for other people how I believe they needed me to. Sure, I thought I had ditched my people-pleasing habits long ago, but as it turns out, I still have some figuring out to do … mostly on how to be me in the presence of people, I would have previously altered my mental, physical, and emotional state for.

Chinese Food at Dominos? How to accept someone who will never change.

I’m all about analogies, I always have been. I think they can paint a clear picture of something without overcomplicating things. Whenever my kids face difficult times or have arguments with friends, I always find myself using analogies to help them better understand a situation. So, I’m going to test the waters with you today and see how it goes. I did a recent TikTok to demonstrate the absolute absurdity of going to Dominos in search of Chinese food. If you can imagine how silly that would be, then chances are you can imagine how silly it is to continually expect different behavior from someone who has shown you time and time again that they are who they are. Let me explain…

How to Plan a Roadtrip with Multiple Stops. See More and Stay on Budget

Our family has (not to brag or anything) perfected the art of road trip travel. Whenever we come back from one of our traditional 2-week road trips people always tend to ask how we manage to pull off these amazing vacations. The truth is, taking a road trip allows you to do more and see more while sticking to a more modest budget than most people think. You just have to be strategic about it. Here is the rundown on how taking multiple stops on a big cross-country road trip can help break up your trip, allow you to see more, and how you can do it all without totally breaking the bank!

6 Signs That You Are Stuck in a Routine Rut and How to Get the Hell Out

From the second we start grade school we are taught to live by a routine or a rigid schedule in order to accomplish all of the things we “have” to do in a day. The thing is, this whole routine thing doesn’t always work for everyone. As someone who didn’t love the routine, rules, or general structure of school, I don’t know why I ever thought sticking to that same structure into adulthood would somehow work for me. It’s like I was conditioned at a young age to believe that in order to be successful you had to be a Type A personality. Well, friend, let me tell you if you are working to fit that mold that you weren’t made for you are going to spend most of your life feeling out of place and probably super cramped. If you’ve had a hint that maybe this whole routine thing isn’t for you, then you’re going to love this post. Here are 6 little hints that it might be time to break free.

Not a Morning Person? 10 Tips for a successful slow morning routine.

For so long I read book from experts telling me that if I wanted to be successful I needed to basically wake up, have my feet hit the floor at 5am and then book my ass to the gym with a massive smile on my face and a heart jam-packed full of gratitude. But, here’s the thing…I am not a morning person. I’m also not a natural mover, I’m more of an emotional, spiritual, slow processor. I grew up my entire life feeling out of places in schools that weren’t designed for me and as an adult it felt exhausting feeling like my morning had to also fit a certain mold if I wanted to have a successful morning routine / successful life. Well, I’m officially throwing out that stupid rule book and helping out my fellow slow movers. This is a list of 10 things I have found to be insanely beneficial to allowing me slow time in the mornings while also kick-starting my day in a successful way that works for me. Hopefully you find something that works for you as well.