The Quick Start Guide to Building a Blog to Make Money by 2021

If you have been following along with me for a while, you might know by now that our family used this little blog to not only help people simplify their lives and finances but also to pay off over $10,000 of debt for our family! When I started the blog, I started with the intention of making it a profitable blog. In this post I will lay out the exact steps that it takes for you to create a money-making blog. Let’s dive in and I’ll tell you how it’s done and answer some bonus questions you might have!

6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Digital Clutter

I knew I wasn’t the only one whose eyes twitches when there are several red notifications on my phone screen. How about when you have 800 tabs open on your screen? After adopting a more minimalist lifestyle I have tried to be more aware of this type of digital clutter and distraction. Today’s guest post is from Lydia from Make Your Life Beautiful. She has put together some super simple and highly effective ways you can start clearing clutter on your computer and phone so that you can start making digital a little more minimal.

5 Minimalism and Downsizing Books That Inspired Us to Sell Our House

Back in 2014 I got into reading in a big way. Before that, I had really only been interested in the occasional romance thriller. I think having to read books I absolutely hated in high school kind of killed the idea of reading for me for a decade. Anyway, I started finding books that were talking about downsizing, living a more simple life, and all of the freedom in it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but these books were laying the groundwork for what would be one of the biggest changes our family would make that would save our finances and our marriage. Here are the books that started it all…

The Year of Fear. What facing my fears for 365 days taught me.

When I was a teenager I thought facing my fears was something like jumping out of an airplane. But that’s too easy. It’s easy because most people would feel a surge of fear jumping out of an airplane. Not everyone would climb under the covers in fear after sharing a story about how their family downsized houses. Yeah, that happened to me. After I shared our story I was so afraid that I literally hide under my covers for hours. From who? No clue. But the fear was very real. So what kind of fears are you being held back by and what could you accomplish if you were no longer held back? Here’s some inspiration from my Year of Fear.

Backpacking in the 21st Century – Technology in the Wilderness

“Getting away from it all” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, it may mean getting away from screens. For others, it just means looking at the screens you want to, instead of the screens you have to, surrounded by all the natural beauty you can find.

Since everyone seeks solace in nature differently, we’re looking at some of the most tech-forward camping gear out there. Some of this gear makes the camping experience more streamlined. Some reduce the environmental impact of backpacking. And some of it’s just plain cool, and that’s worth mentioning, too!